Two Graham Chronofighter Vintage timepieces have been issued to commemorate D-Day for the 75th anniversary of D-Day on 6 June 2019.

These limited edition 75-piece Chronofighter Vintage watches incorporate the spirit of freedom that fueled the bravery of troops landing on the Normandy beaches in 1944.

The Chronofighter Vintage D-Day comes in a respectful black. While the Chronofighter Vintage Overlord has a striking combination of tranquil green, beige and cream with a bronze case.

The 2019 pieces follow in the footsteps of the 2005 Chronofighter VE-Day series, launched to pay tribute to the day that ended six years of war. With the new Chronofighter Vintage watches Graham rekindles our duty to remember.

 Chronofighter Vintage D-Day

One of the most important dates in European and North American twentieth-century history is boldly printed in white at six o’clock on a black, grained dial. This gains extra poignancy in light of the fact that the amphibious invasions on the Normandy beaches began at 6.30 am on 6 June 1944.

At three o’clock on this historic day, massive artificial Mulberry harbors headed across the channel to help resupply the invasion force. This significant hour is marked on the watch by a circled star, the Allies’ standard military marking. A black rubber strap with a mesh pattern signs off the edgy, robust look.

How much?

UK price: £4,150


Chronofighter Vintage Overlord

The Chronofighter Vintage Overlord takes the codename for the battle of Normandy, comprising landings on five beaches, as its signature. A bronze, satin-brushed case is reminiscent of the metal used in naval construction. Its green, sandblasted dial integrates nostalgic numerals in the typeface used on US Air Force aircraft fuselage. Positioned at six o’clock is an artistic rendition of the Indianhead, one of the most recognized unit emblems in the U.S. army, carried by the Second Infantry Division. A striped fabric strap is bordered in emerald green. As an additional endeavor to respectfully preserve the memory of the conflict, Graham will donate a percentage of the watch’s proceeds to museums in Normandy that pay tribute to the fallen soldiers.

How much?

UK price: £5,350

Each watch will be produced in a limited edition of 75 pieces.