Yesterday saw the release of the first ever Grand Seiko 9F quartz GMT caliber. It is proposed as the perfect caliber for the international traveler.

Caliber 9F86 is based upon, and has all the precision and durability attributes of, the original 9F but incorporates a GMT function that allows the watch’s precision to be maintained when the hour hand is adjusted independently. This is made possible by new components that have been created especially for this movement.

The metallic charcoal dial features a unique pattern based on Grand Seiko’s traditional ‘Quartz’ symbol to commemorate the 25thanniversary of Caliber 9F. The outer rim of the dial, from three o’clock to nine, is picked out in vivid yellow to display at a glance whether the GMT hand indicates AM or PM.

It also carries the five-pointed star that has always symbolized Grand Seiko’s ‘Special’ level accuracy and, at the 25-minute position, the dial pattern is subtly different; the symbols 9F and 25 are discreetly shown as a permanent reminder of the caliber’s anniversary.

Above the six o’clock marker, the 5-pointed star symbolizes the extraordinary precision rate of ±5 seconds a year.

The stainless steel case back is adorned with the Grand Seiko lion emblem. Each watch also bears a unique serial number engraved onto the back.

Caliber 9F86 is presented in one limited edition and two other permanent creations in the Grand Seiko Sport Collection. The limited edition incorporates a movement with a specially enhanced precision rate; +/- 5 seconds a year, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Grand Seiko 9Fcaliber.

In addition to the limited edition, two other new creations are to be released incorporating the 9F86 caliber. They add a new dimension to the Grand Seiko Sport Collection and share the simple but powerful design that characterizes it.

The dials are three dimensional in appearance and are edged with a two-tone ring to allow the AM or PM time indicated by the GMT hand to be read instantly and easily. Similarly, the use of Lumibrite on the hour markers and hour, minute and seconds hands deliver the enhanced legibility that the international traveler needs.

How much?

Arriving in stores in October 2018 the Seiko 9F86 Quartz GMT Limited Edition will cost €3,600 including European tax.

Regular edition models (refs. SBGN003 and SBGN005) are slated for January 2019 delivery and will cost €3,200

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