BURLAP is a Hong Kong start-up with its name inspired by the tough, rough-hewn cloth which makes the sacks that cover the produce Hong Kong exports around the world.

Their Kickstarter campaign started yesterday with the launch of two aviation-inspired watches entirely conceived and manufactured in Hong Kong to reflect the Hong Kong spirit; Chronograph First and Tourbillon Propeller. 24 hours later, over US$33,000 has already been raised for a goal of US$10,000.

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This is the truth. Wear a lousy watch in Hong Kong and the locals will quickly let you know about it. Being one of the most densely populated nations on earth, status is much more about personal presentation than palatial pads for entertaining. As a result, Hong Kong residents know their watches and take pride in being seen wearing a good quality watch.


Performance, reliability, looks and above all the right price, are vitally important. So, when you take on the challenge to design a watch that represents the Hong Kong spirit of freedom and enterprise, you better know your stuff. BURLAP does. Each watch is embued with Hong Kong spirit, also known as Lion Rock spirit. It’s a strong and resilient attitude of perseverance and solidarity; an iconic virtue that grew with the city of Hong Kong.

Prior to the brand’s launch, the team behind it were designing original concepts and manufacturing for reputable and prestigious international brands, with a specialty in recreating classic designs with new and exciting elements.

With BURLAP they wanted to put their experience and knowledge behind a brand that represents Hong Kong’s unique personality. They assembled a team of industry veterans comprising local elites of watchmaking, to create a collection that symbolizes the Hong Kong spirit.


Both 316L stainless steel watches are designed to have eye-catching good looks using only the finest materials, but at the same time brought to you at prices the big brand names would never be willing or able to offer.

The overall essence is of vintage aircraft instrument panels, which at the same time are inspired by the culture and traditions of Hong Kong.  The brand, design concept, development, materials, assembly and quality assurances all represent the entrepreneurial fast-moving Hong Kong spirit.


Inside the outermost tracks of the 45mm BURLAP First Chronograph, the watch features 12 applied indexes indicating the hour track; the ratio to the case is clear and easy to read yet not stealing the limelight. Moving closer to the center, there is an opaque date window/panel, designed to be seen through as time passes by. In the center, the 3 chronograph sub-dials are specially lined up to recreate the look of dials on vintage aircraft and automobile instrument panels. The watch runs on a quartz chronograph movement and there’s a choice of four color dials which you can choose at the end of the campaign. These are IP Rose Gold with a Pearl Dial, and Stainless Steel with a Black, Cream or Blue dial.

How much?

Early bird price: US$110, a saving of 40%


Traditionally, tourbillon watches are made for millionaires, of which there are over 179,000 in Hong Kong. The reason tourbillons are so expensive is because the movement is extremely precise. The intricate details of this watch and how it’s so perfectly balanced is what leads to the sky-high prices. But BURLAP has been able to dramatically reduce the cost of this precision movement by cutting out the middle man but WITHOUT compromising on quality. The Tourbillon Propeller runs on a Chinese made PTS 3400 Series Flying Tourbillon movement with a power reserve of 80 hours. All Hong Kong locals aspire to be millionaires and now with the Tourbillon Propeller, they can afford the watch of millionaires.

The watch features a 43mm IP Rose Gold case. The outer track holds the hour indications with polished IP Rose Gold applied indexes, pairing with the small minutes’ track in mountain cut finished embossed indexes. The hour and minute hands are carefully designed and chosen to retain the heritage of aviation watches.

All case backs on the watches are inscribed with “Built in Hong Kong”, reflecting pride in what Hong Kong stands for.

Pledge now for either or both watches and a strap of high-quality Horween leather will be tailored to exactly fit your wrist.

How much?

Early Bird price: US$447, a saving of 35%


See the BURLAP Kickstarter Campaign


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