We featured Werenbach last September when they launched some very tasty looking watches literally made from Soyuz space rockets.

Now Werenbach is back and they are launching a new collection called “MACH 33”  a range said to be breaking new ground in digital innovation, but still containing real Soyuz rocket material that has returned to earth.

Thanks to a microchip inside the new watches, it is now possible to log into the live stream of the International Space Station (ISS) via smartphone and see in real time breathtaking images of Earth from space. The MACH 33 collection will be launched on June 12 on Kickstarter for a price aimed at everyone’s pocket. It was Patrick Hohmann, founder, and CEO of the Swiss watch company who set out on a mission six years ago with a wild idea to build a watch made from space rockets.

The astronauts’ view

The microchip integrated into the watch not only opens up new digital-pioneering-potential for the industry, but also for the eyes of the watch wearer. Seeing the Earth from space changes a person’s way of thinking – this is how the US astronaut Frank White described his experience. The so-called “overview effect” makes the beholder realize how small and fragile the Earth is, and how relative everything can be.

Inspired by this idea, Werenbach has created its own name – Spaceborn. The new MACH 33 collection is the direct implementation of this thinking and bringing it to the watch loving public. Touching the smartphone with the watch triggers an authentication process that activates the ISS’s live stream (part of space stations “HDEV project”). This is a new digital experience designed to inspire watch wearers in their everyday life and encourage them to think in a completely new way.

From Space Rockets to Watches

The material for the new collection comes from the Soyuz MS-02, which transported three astronauts to the ISS. As with the two existing Werenbach collections – Soyuz and Leonov – the jettisoned wreckage of this rocket was recovered from a military exclusion zone along the Kazakh steppe, checked for space radiation, processed to Switzerland and incorporated as original plates directly into the dials of the Werenbach watches. The current MACH 33 collection is named after the escape velocity an object needs to overcome gravity on Earth.


 Another success on Kickstarter?




Last year Werenbach had one of Switzerland’s most successful Kickstarter projects of 2017, and the company is now returning to the platform as a thank you to fans, however, the aim this time around is to create an interesting price structure for all customer segments – a watch for all humans on Earth.

This required a smart and simple design, which was made possible thanks to a monohull housing milled directly from a metal block and thanks to the efforts of a team of international production partners.

As a start-up company, Werenbach is still dependent on the support of its fans. For those with a little patience, the Kickstarter project offers the opportunity to purchase a watch from the new collection with up to 50% discount.

So on Kickstarter right now the Mach 33 Sport collection sells at $209. Classic sells for $229 and Gravity and Planet sell for $259 and $279 respectively. They are all waiting for your early pledge on Kickstarter now.

Visit the Werenbach Kickstarter page