The incredible Lifeclock One watch is what happens when watch freaks get to stay up way past their bedtime and see movies like John Carpenter’s dystopian low budget movie classic Escape From New York, starring Kurt Russell as convicted bank robber Snake Plissken.

Made in 1981, the movie is set in the future – 1997 to be exact. Bob Hauk (played by A Few Dollars More baddie Lee Van Cleef), straps a countdown timer onto Snake’s wrist and explains that he has just under 23 hours to accomplish his mission. To ensure his compliance, Hauk has micro-explosives injected into Snake’s neck that will rupture within 22 hours, thereby blowing his head off. If Snake returns in time with the President and an audiotape describing the secret to nuclear fusion, Hauk will neutralize the explosives.

You and I would just smile at the huge prop on Snake Plissken’s wrist and forget about it, but Jonathan Zufi of Ridgewood Watch Company saw the movie and became obsessed with recreating it, and not merely producing a countdown timer but taking the whole idea much, much further.

The Lifeclock One is a fully licensed and faithful recreation of Plissken’s eye-catching prop from Escape From New York™, but it goes way beyond a mere countdown timer.

With this clever device you can:

  • Pair it with your iOS or Android device
  • Push notifications from your favorite apps
  • Receive incoming calls and text message alerts
  • Use it as a stopwatch
  • Access up to 8 world clocks
  • Control your smartphone’s camera shutter
  • Step count
  • Use it as a compass
  • Set customizable daily alarms


This is not a watch for the faint-hearted. You are going to need Snake Plissken levels of confidence and attitude to pull this watch off. It measures 79mm across, and it’s more of an arm watch than a wristwatch with a lot of LED lighting. It takes up a plenty of wrist real estate and makes a bold statement.

That said, many women, as well as men, have fallen in love with the Lifeclock One for the incredible presence and attention it creates on the wrist.

Lifeclock One Comes in Two Versions


This version is closest to the version seen in the movie. It’s an accurate and detailed reboot of the countdown timer worn by Snake Plissken. In addition to the added functionality, the watch is designed to be comfortable, durable and wearable.

Greg Best, the owner of restaurant Club Ticonderoga in Atlanta, wearing the Lifeclock One Snake Edition.

Encased in brass, the Lifeclock One is also fully customizable, you can choose your own strap design, size, backplate design and optional engraving.

Velcro or buckle strap

The watch is also serialized and personalized with your name burned right into the firmware. Ridgewood Watch Company describe it as the world’s only fully personalized smartwatch. The brown leather strap comes with a buckle or Velcro fastening Price: $399.


This version is a more modern take on the countdown timer worn by Snake Plissken. It’s machined from 7075-T7 aluminum and finished with a MIL-A-8625 Type III Class 2 aluminum anodized hard coat in black. It has the same functionality and comfort as the Snake Edition, but with a more durable finish. Price: $599

The Lifeclock One is perfect as an ice-breaking fashion accessory, for those who love retro-futuristic ephemera or for cosplay at your next fancy dress party. Apparently, the watch also delivers random quotes from the movie which run across the screen hour by hour.

10% Discount For Watchuseek Readers

If you just have to have the Lifeclock One in your life we have negotiated a special 10% discount for you. Just add the code WATCHUSEEK2018 in the coupon box when ordering.

Check out the full story on the Lifeclock One website


Did you know?

Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken in Escape From New York

Although set in New York Escape From New York was actually shot in St. Louis Missouri, where a fire had recently taken place, giving John Carpenter large areas of ruined buildings and empty streets to create the effect he was after.

If the movie’s producers had had their way Snake Plissken would have been played by either Tommy Lee Jones or Chuck Norris. Kurt Russell was a relative unknown at the time but John Carpenter wanted him and eventually got his man.

Snake Plissken is a real person, a friend of a friend of John Carpenter, who gave permission for his name to be used in the movie. He even had a snake tattoo.

It was Kurt Russell’s idea to use the eye patch he wore in the film.

The crew included a young James Cameron who went on to make movie blockbusters Titanic and Avatar



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