When Maximilian Büsser first started MB&F, his emotions ranged from passion and relief to strong anger. Anger against himself; he had sold out and become a marketer, and anger towards the watchmaking industry, which was selling its soul for double-digit growth.

He started MB&F and created fiercely unconventional timepieces in a totally personal and selfish way: mechanical sculptures which only he needed to believe in.

After 14 years of creating Machines for himself, it was finally time to create for someone else. Max realized that during all those years, his entire family had been exclusively women: his mother, his wife, and his two daughters. It was time to create a piece for the women in his life.

MB&F Legacy Machine Flying T with Black lacquer dial

Presenting Legacy Machine Flying T, the first of MB&F’s three-dimensional horological art pieces dedicated to women.

A round case in white gold, with a steeply cambered bezel and slender, elongated lugs, is fully set with diamonds. A high, extravagantly convex dome of sapphire crystal rises from the bezel. Beneath the dome, a subtly curved dial plate, liquidly black with layers of stretched lacquer or glittering with blazing white diamonds.

An asymmetric ventricular opening in the dial plate frames the heart of the LM Flying T engine – a cinematic flying tourbillon that beats at a serene rate of 2.5Hz (18,000vph). The tourbillon projects high above the rest of the engine, a kinetic, dynamic column that stops just short of the apex of the sapphire crystal dome. Affixed to the top of the upper tourbillon cage is a single large diamond that rotates simultaneously with the flying tourbillon, emitting the fiery brilliance of the very best quality stones.

MB&F Legacy Machine Flying T fully set with brilliant-cut diamonds

At the 7 o’clock position – another reference to the numeric theme that runs throughout LM Flying T – is a dial of black or white lacquer that displays the hours and minutes with a pair of elegant serpentine hands in blued gold. The dial is inclined at a 50° tilt so that the time can be read only by the wearer, an intimate communication that highlights the personal nature of LM Flying T.

On the reverse, the automatic winding rotor takes the shape of a three-dimensional red-gold sun with sculpted rays, providing LM Flying T with four days of power reserve.

MB&F Legacy Machine Flying T  set with baguette-cut diamonds

The design of Legacy Machine FlyingT is replete with associations drawn from the feminine and maternal influences in Maximilian Büsser’s life.

“I wanted LM FlyingT to possess the epitome of femininity as reflected by the women in my life, particularly my mother. It had to combine supreme elegance with tremendous vitality. The column-like structure of the flying tourbillon was very important to me as I felt very strongly that women form the pillar of humanity. At the same time, there is another layer of meaning coming in from the sun-shaped rotor, which incorporates the element of life-giving, a source of sustenance which we gravitate towards and around.”

Maximilian Busser

Under a high-domed sapphire crystal above a central pillar is a 60-second flying tourbillon, which gives the piece its name. At 7 o’clock and at 50 degrees, is a sub-dial with serpentine hands offers the time, but only to the wearer; a very intimate indication of the time. Underneath the slender 18K white gold case, is the 280-component automatic movement: a winding rotor in the shape of a sun, offering 100 hours of power reserve.

How much?

Legacy Machine FlyingT launches in three editions, all in white gold and set with diamonds:

Black lacquer dial plate with case set with brilliant-cut diamonds: CHF 108,000

Dial plate and case both fully set with brilliant-cut diamonds: CHF 135,000

Dial plate and case both fully set with baguette-cut diamonds: CHF 298,000


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