Much like that the Alliance fleet finding a fully operational Deathstar in orbit around the moon of Endor, we were surprised to see these two out-of-this-world licensed limited editions from Oris. The first is the Oris Star Wars Darth Vader Limited Edition, and the second is the Oris Stormtrooper Limited Edition. Originally released for the Asian market, these two pieces have infiltrated the American market recently. While the recently launched Citizen Star Wars watches we covered were interesting at the entry-level, these two new pieces from Oris are on another level altogether.

oris star wars darth vader

First of all, let’s take a trip to the Dark Side with the Darth Vader Limited Edition, a blacked-out titanium Prodiver GMT on rubber with red detailing. The imposing 49mm watch is an obvious choice to honor the fallen Jedi, as is the black livery. There’s a few nice touches to this revamp of the regular production model: a caseback with Vader’s iconic helmet in profile, the Imperial symbol on the dial and a bezel ‘pip’ at 12 shaped like Vader’s distinctive TIE Advanced X1. Sure, it’s made to appeal to fans, but the nods on the dial side are subtle enough that you don’t need to worry about outing yourself as a serious geek too much. But then, if this Vader-inspired Prodiver doesn’t float your Star Destroyer don’t worry. Because, much like the Sith themselves: always two there are, no more, no less. 

Oris star wars stormtrooper

The second version is the Oris Starwars Stormtrooper Limited Edition. It seems only right that it takes as its inspiration the somewhat less imposing Aquis diver. With its 43.5mm steel case, it’s large, but wearable on the daily. For me though, the Stormtrooper take on the Aquis is one of those exceptions that proves the rule. Because this Stormtrooper hits the target perfectly. With a white ceramic bezel as crisp as the plains of Hoth, and is matched by the Aquis’s distinctive hour markers. The dial is black, again emblazoned with the Imperial logo over the small seconds at nine.  The caseback has a detailed depiction of the classic Stormtrooper helmet. And then there’s the TIE fighter on the bezel. From a distance, this could be a nice summery diver. But up close it’s a serious bit of Star Wars kit, and given the bullet-proof nature of the Aquis, much more reliable than your average Stormtrooper (Finn excepted). 


The Oris Star Wars Darth Vader is limited to 250 pieces and only sold in a set with the Stormtrooper Limited Edition. This set will set you back $6,500. The Aquis based Stormtrooper watch has a wider circulation of 1300 pieces and has a price of $2,700.

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