Pontvs Watches recently released their third bronze dive timepiece, the mighty Pontvs Kraken.

Pontvs Watches recently released their fourth bronze dive timepiece, the mighty Pontvs Kraken. This new dive watch follows the successful launch of the Hydra diver, Acheron and Fonderia Navale Collection.

Founded in 2017 by brothers Fernando and Juan Pablo Mansilla, Pontvs is based in Lima, Peru, where the brand’s watch assembly and manufacturing takes place, with design and engineering handled stateside in Tucson, Arizona. The name Pontvs was inspired by ancient Greek myth, and you can see a similar inspiration behind the brand’s signature bronze dive watches.

Water is a common theme with all Pontvs watches, fittingly enough for a collection of divers. The Hydra is inspired by the mythic beast which prowled the coasts of the old Aegean Sea. Acheron honors a river from Greek mythology, the “river of woe,” which was crossed by Charon, transporter of lost souls to the underworld. Both represent strength and reliability, two key characteristics that are at the core of the Pontvs brand.

The company's latest dive watch, the Pontvs Kraken, takes its name from one of the mightiest sea monsters from Scandinavian folklore.

The company’s latest dive watch, the Kraken, takes its name from one of the mightiest sea monsters from Scandinavian folklore, a beast that hails from the depths off the Norway and Greenland coasts. According to some myths (and superstitious sailors), its tentacles are large enough to pull entire ships underwater.

So, in the spirit of that fearsome creature, Pontvs has created a big, bold bronze dive watch to match. Bronze and brass metals are a signature for Pontvs watches, seeing as how these marine-inspired materials develop their own unique patinas overtime, turning each watch into a one-of-a-kind piece with age. Kraken’s rugged casework is crafted from naval grade German bronze (CuSn8) and wears 45mm on the wrist (52mm lug to lug).

On the Cali brown dial of the Pontvs Kraken, the Super-LumiNova BGW9-printed hours markers are represented in both Roman (top half) and Arabic numerals (lower half).

The Kraken is available in four different colored dial options – black, Cali brown, blue and green. On the Cali brown dial, the Super-LumiNova BGW9-printed hours markers are represented in both Roman (top half) and Arabic numerals (lower half). The three other options have hour markers at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock, also printed with Super-LumiNova BGW9.

No matter which dial you choose, the watch is protected by a domed sapphire crystal. Beneath lies the reliable automatic Japanese Seiko NH35A hand-winding movement, powering the timepiece. You’ll also be pleased to learn that the Kraken is water resistant to 200m, in keeping with its namesake’s underwater prowess.

The Pontvs Kraken comes with two straps — fluororubber and canvas NATO — both paired with a CuSn6 tin bronze buckle. It’s also a limited-edition release, with only 100 units produced, 25 pieces per dial color. All watches will have their edition number engraved on the caseback.

The hour markers and indices on the Pontvs Kraken are all printed with Super-LumiNova BGW9.

Aiming to deliver high-quality timepieces that offer both function and fashion for outdoor adventurers, Pontvs stands behind their product: all the watches they sell are warrantied against mechanical malfunction arising from parts failure or assembly errors for one year from the date of delivery.

The Kraken retails on the Pontvs website for just $420 USD. Plus, right now, the brand is offering Watchuseek readers a special exclusive discount – enter the code WUSPONTVS at checkout to claim 10% off your purchase. The coupon code can be applied to any of the brand’s timepieces, but does not include apparel.

If you’re interested in the Kraken though, don’t delay. With only 100 units produced, this line of rugged bronze divers is sure to move as quickly as its mythical namesake.

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