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      If you're only going to use it once, Harbor Freight is the way to go for the Dremel tool ($10):

      but I suspect once you have the tool you'll find many other uses for it over time.
      Thanks for the link, don't know what I was looking at before, thought it was a $50 tool.

      Man! What a bunch of wimps. And I love the opinions of the inexperienced, very helpful. Dremel takes too long and you have to hold the bracelet steady when you cut. With aircraft snips you go ping, ping, ping, pick the pieces out and you're done. Plus, that type of mesh shown is under $10 on eBay. It's good practice material.
      Ok, slorollin, you manly stud probably missed the fact that OP is a lady (at least I'm guessing from the handle) so perhaps she won't "ping, ping" like you and I could. Dremel could be an option for someone inexperienced with hand snips, especially if taped off the ends. I do agree that snips do a better job if you know what you're doing. I also don't know if OP is cutting a $10 EBay mesh or $500-700 Omega mesh.
      Lol yes I am a lady. The mesh was $30 from Strapsco, Omega doesn't sell mesh in 18mm. So yea I went looking to pay around $200 for mesh from Omega to $150 from strapcode to scrounging around for any PVD Shark mesh bracelets that are 316L SS and buyable. I got it today and honestly it might be just used for a practice bracelet because it's not the quality that I was hoping for.

      Thanks for all of your help.
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