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      definitly get them from San Martin. but maybe ask for a few more just in case. just guessing the size is not going to work. they have to be EXACT fit/match for the current ones or you are going to start stripping threads, or have screws not flush with the bracelet links. it's not worth the couple bucks you'll save if you somehow do order the correct sized ones on the first try 🤣 .
      Well, its not that good bracelet to start with, its ok, but nothing to be proud of. I put rubber waffle strap and watch looks and feel good in summer.
      They could say, look here is link cheapest strap on our store, you can order it and we will put some screws in it, that would be somehow ok, but no, pay strap and we send 2 screws instead.
      For example this one is not flat head I think:
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      Is somewhere on aliexpress link for flat head screws for watch strap? I think dimension is about 2x2x3 od simular?
      I searched, but could find exact flat head screw.
      Missed on my san martin bracelet on this hotty days, and they wanted to send me 'free'' 2 screws, only to pay them 9,75$ for postage, witch is rip-of in my humble opinion :/

      Put waffle strap, for time being, doesn't look bad.
      I boguth this:
      -Its not exalctly the same.
      -Its not screws, but press pins.
      But I think its OK replacement, and I have 199 left. ($%#&#% san martin)

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