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      $28 problem solved
      I just looked into this one...and it seems like we have a good SOLUTION.
      Not too heavy. Not too expensive. Enough individual protection.
      Like a customer on amazon mentioned, I will likely add a layer of foam
      or other soft fabric above the watches, to help cushion the dials much more,
      since the top doesn't have any cushioning, and it will also help keep them in place.
      Thank you so much for this suggestion and link. Problem solved, indeed!
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      This thread may be the very definition of #FirstWorldProblems

      Sorry OP. I couldn't help myself. ;)

      Can't you just get a 5-watch roll and bring that wherever you go? 5 in the roll, 1 on the wrist. 6 watches should be enough for a month or two...
      Exactly what I thought.
      Six should be enough.
      I once took as much as 10, because I really like variety,
      but that's stressful in the airports.
      This travel case is perfect:
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