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      Re: ZVEZDA 'Type 18' + TAO 'Endurer' • Back from service

      I know all too well that nowday, pairing those narrow lugs with a decent leather is not easy . The latest «vintage» strap, not only is, IMO, the best out of all the opions you tried but also looks absolutly perfekt with your superb Vzezda. Congrats on your find Reno !!
      Thanks RedFroggy :)

      Funny thing, the vintage strap came initially on garage sale find,

      and I didn't know it was a "open end" strap (I didn't know those even existed :-d )

      These type of strap still can be found nowadays though :

      I'm currently awaiting two perlons (one brown, one gray) in 16mm, that will be another good option :-!
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      Excellent idea for a thread! So here it goes, my favorite straps bought on AliX (first half, second half to come later):

      Parachute / French Troops / Marine Nationale or whatever you call them
      I love them, they are the most comfortable of all, but due to Erika's Originals patent the stores come and go very fast. I've bought a dozen from different stores and always received straps of consistent quality, the only deception came from the ones from cheapestnatostraps but all AliExpress ones are solid. If you can find them, I can't recommend them enough!


      This 18 to 24 mm mesh is on the cheap side price-wise but of decent quality

      These bracelets with deployment clasp are very solid:

      I love those silicone straps for their flexibility, comfort (holes for extra breathing) and easy closing system:
      In carbon black

      Or funky colors: white & red

      purple & green (still waiting for that Day Of The Tentacle watch for a mod)

      This yellow one (different design) is also very good

      I'm not a huge fan of leather straps, but this black & red one I use on a very special watch and I love it: very comfortable and killer look!

      This very thick leather one is also excellent, but discontinued, I put the photo in case some of you want to do an image search via AliX app: [edit] found it!

      Gulf racing Nato

      A Nato I call The Patriot ;)

      Mr Neng Natos are very good quality, perfect on a vintage Beijing/Shanghai hand cracker:

      These two-piece Natos have excellent brushed hardware and solid fabric:

      So are these:

      Jelly straps for G-Shock Squares

      Canvas military strap

      14mm to 22mm Perlon straps

      I have to go take care of the kid, I'll post the second half later!
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