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      But the question is, were these people naked? ;) I think that was what @Michael Day said..
      701 was simulated dive. Meaning they been entire time in baro-chamber.
      534 was actual experimental dive but it was in 1988. Dive bell and long time in pressurized chamber on the ship.
      Scuba dive is 324. don't think anyone will do much deeper. it takes too much time to be in that water and taking all decompression steps.
      610m in hard suit.
      So yes they been "naked" but at 701 they never been in the water.
      Considering how safer, cheaper and faster is to send robot/drone submersible whole subject of deep dives becoming very very rare occasions.
      Considering price of these drones it's really no brainer
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      Considering price of these drones it's really no brainer
      Thanks for a great post, except....
      Sold by Amazon at a low price from a company we've never heard of....I wonder if it lasts more than 2 weeks. [emoji1]

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