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      I bought a Komandirskie 350503 and I bought this bezel from Meranom. The description says it fits case size 350, but when I try to put it on the watch it’s loose and doesn’t snap into place the way the stock bezel does. What am I doing wrong? I inserted the circular spring into the grooves of the bezel.
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      At the top of your budget ($900-$1100, depending on deal), what about an 36mm Oris Aquis diver? View attachment 14260315 View attachment 14260317
      Heyyy that's what I was going to say.

      Well I'll throw a wildcard out there on the other side of the spectrum: Vostok Amphibia 420 case. 39mm. Apparently it's been upgraded with a stainless bezel now but I'd swap it out for a PVD one by Meranom. The stock bracelet is insanely bad, but luckily Meranom sells a higher end one with matching end links. So all in you'd be looking at $135 and it would look something like this (quick photoshop with the tinny stock bracelet still on):

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      I rather like those. I know you've posted this a million times, but I can't find where I bookmarked it. Can you repost the good sources for Vostok parts. I promise I'll bookmark it all over the place.

      One other question - one thing I don't like about Vostok bezels is that they're a bit hard to get a grip on. Are there any of them you've found that let you get a good grip on them?
      Not to enable, but...

      For all things Vostok modding (SPOILER ALERT: rabbit hole): Modstok | We have ways of making you mod.

      I just did a series of builds, with pretty much all things sourced from:
      and for cheapest Komandirskie models (like the one @Wimads started with for less than $30...),

      Exception: the bezel on the 24hr 030934 is actually an aftermarket Murphy Bezel with classic coin-edge grip. Plenty of grip there. Also an aftermarket SKX GMT aluminum insert which had to be sanded down ID to fit the crystal.

      The other watch has a PVD coated bezel which they do in another style, and stainless. A bit thinner than the Murphy bezel, but also coin edge and easy to grip.
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