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      Meranom offers these universal Vostok bezels although not exactly the color you want. Just out of curiosity, why does it have to be the 670 case? I only ask because it's relatively new and doesn't seem to be quite as popular as some of the other cases. They will change dials if you want.
      I've seen those already but thanks for the suggestion. I was originally thinking about one of those bezels but there seems to be a lot more variety going aftermarket.

      I like the 670s shape and size but a big factor was the 20mm lug width as this looks best on my wrist plus I have a load of 20mm straps already. Interesting to know it's fairly new, I didn't know that.
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      Also, forgot to ask; what would your bezel recommendation be that will be of more use than what I am thinking?

      maybe the two color 12h versions or a classic diver bezel - these are also available in two-color:

      Pepsi 12h:

      Coke diver:

      Batman 12h:

      As for modding it to use a Vostok 24xx movement with 24h capability, that is actually not too difficult - if you can source one. But of course you will need a 24h dial or a subsecond dial and hand plus the GMT hand in the other case... probably cheaper to get a 24h Vostok and start from there.

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