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      I bought this bezel from Meranom: Vostok Amphibia Universal Stainless Steel Bezel 720

      To my surprise it came with 2 different wire springs. One that looks like stainless steel and one standard (?) copper. I've never played with changing the tension of wire spring and didn't know any differences so I just picked the stainless one, checked if it sit properly in the groove and popped the bezel on easily. However the bezel is now EXTREMELY hard to turn, almost impossible. Definitely unusable in any real world scenario.

      Now that I think about it, the copper wire spring was more "open", less bent and I guess that means less tension. The issue is that I can't even remove the bezel now. On standard 710 bezel there was enough space to put the knife between case and bezel but on this one there isn't. I've been super careful, used tape on both the knife and the case and still damaged the case but the bezel just won't budge.

      Now I basically have a non rotating bezel that I can't remove. Does anyone know why they send two different wire springs and are there any alternative methods to remove a bezel that won't come off?
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      I rather like those. I know you've posted this a million times, but I can't find where I bookmarked it. Can you repost the good sources for Vostok parts. I promise I'll bookmark it all over the place.

      One other question - one thing I don't like about Vostok bezels is that they're a bit hard to get a grip on. Are there any of them you've found that let you get a good grip on them?
      Not to enable, but...

      For all things Vostok modding (SPOILER ALERT: rabbit hole): Modstok | We have ways of making you mod.

      I just did a series of builds, with pretty much all things sourced from:
      and for cheapest Komandirskie models (like the one @Wimads started with for less than $30...),

      Exception: the bezel on the 24hr 030934 is actually an aftermarket Murphy Bezel with classic coin-edge grip. Plenty of grip there. Also an aftermarket SKX GMT aluminum insert which had to be sanded down ID to fit the crystal.

      The other watch has a PVD coated bezel which they do in another style, and stainless. A bit thinner than the Murphy bezel, but also coin edge and easy to grip.
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