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I called these 'keepers' in January, but one is sold already and the Zodiac will likely be up for sale soon. I think I want to move to a situation where I choose what to wear from a much smaller collection of 2-3 watches, but I don't want to get rid of anything prematurely (I've done that once or twice before). I like all these watches, and would be loathe to see them go, but I can't wear them all at once...

I'm tempted to do one of three (or four) things:
1. Keep both Tudors, sell the rest
2. Keep the Rado and the Smiths PRS-29A, sell the rest
3. Sell the lot, buy a Tudor 58

4. Keep everything as it is for now, see how I feel in 6 months

Thanks for looking (comments welcome).


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