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  John F. Opie aka JohnF

American living in Germany, married with 2 teenagers, collect vintage watches (specialty: Gruen), amateur watchmaker (with more watches in parts than you want to know). Born 1956, which means...vintage.

Real-world job: Senior Economist, industrial forecasting and ratings.

Picture was taken in my favorite place to drink coffee, Cafe Hawelka in Vienna...

Alan aka tribe125 *

Born: 1955
Status: Married
Location: Watford, UK

Occupation: waiting to retire after thirty years in psychiatry

Other interests: jazz, alcohol, staring into space

  Ray MacDonald *

Retired food scientist living in a small town near Ottawa Canada. Almonte is the only town in Canada named after a Mexican general who was at the Alamo.

Married with a grown up daughter (who's also married and working in Ottawa for the Canadian government.).

Have collected pocket watches for over 50 years. Most interested in American made ones older than 1920.

In addition to collecting watches I work with old computers and restore them using Linux.

Ernie Romers (06/11/1958) founder and owner

Happily married to Jacqueline and father of two lovely children, Daan (1985) and Nikki (1987).

Living and working (team leader on a school for children with behavioral and learning difficulties/needs) in The Netherlands.

Started browsing the internet in 1996, more seriously in 1998 when Watchuseek was founded.

In the watch business since 2002 (my 2nd fulltime job....).


Martin a.k.a. Crusader

Accidentally removed from the 12th century by a time warp in 1960 and now commuting between the Rhine-Main and the Rhineland areas of Germany, and, occasionally, the island of Wolin.

Co-chairman of a multi-national family comprising a wife, four children, and one dog.

Making a living as a multi-purpose project manager and war studies researcher with a public policy institute in Germany. Other interests include aviation, the Middle Ages, and bears.

The picture is with our youngest son Robert ("Bączek").



Location: Middelburg, Walcheren, Zeeland, The Netherlands

Born: Vlissingen, September 16th 1966

Status: I have a girlfriend, Eva (1968) for almost the half of my life and a son, Bram (2000).

Interests: Collecting G-Shock's and T-Shirts, mountain biking, degustating special beers, colleting info about the breweries, good food, music (mostly alternative electronic dance music)

Occupation: Technical Teachers Assistent Chemistry. I've been a proffesional club DJ between 1989 and 1999.

  Dennis Smith

Born 1967, Married to Ann (10 years) with 3 year old son, Guy.

Helicopter pilot living in Northern California (Clear Lake).

Now flying EMS but have done most jobs, including police and rescue. 6,000 hours, all civilian.

I'm a 24 hour and 12/GMT watch fan (and all Yao products).

I also row, kayak, cycle (I raced for four years), and run.
  Lee aka leewmeister

Profession: Geophysical data analyst for 30+ years.

Married for 22 years to a wonderful lady from Batangas, Philippines.

Two teenage daughters - 14 and almost 18.
One dog, too many cats (eight, I think).

First serious watch: SS Rolex Date purchased July 1980.

Favorite pen: Parker SS Aviator acquired in 1975.

Other interests: Staying one step ahead of my daughters - a truly exhausting task!
  Gabe aka OnTimeGabe

I love scuba diving, though I've taken a few years off since the kids came along.

For the time being, I put my dive watches through their paces at the deep end of the pool!

Colin aka Nalu

46 year old US Army orthopaedic surgeon with interests in watches, rugby, music, ales, SCUBA and photography.

I collect primarily dive and military watches and am an active forum member on a number of public and private forums.

I'm also a flight surgeon and dive medical officer.

I'm intrigued by the ergonomics of dial/hand/watch design and am still looking for the perfect wristwatch!


Jim aka Eeeb

I am a second generation computer geek whose father programmed tube-based computers.  I used to own a small international data communications company. But now I help to keep a very large provider of critical infrastructure secure from terrorists and crazed employees.

I have 2 large dogs, 1 cat, more fish than I can count, and a real jones for watches.  My wife tolerates my watch habit because she knows it is a lot cheaper than my old habit, vintage cars.  I live a large Queen Anne with a turret and a dome.  It is downtown in a capital city in the Great Lakes region of the US.

Right now I am moderating HEQ, TAG-Heuer and help out in Vintage.

I am wearing a vintage gold Longines Admiral in this picture... but I am older than the watch!

  Griff aka zippofan

I'm an IT Director and adjunct faculty member for a small college in the Northeast U.S.

Married with 2 boys, one of whom is a budding WIS. I am Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader and also a professional drummer.

In addition to affordable watches, I have collected LP records/CD’s, hi-fi equipment, musical instruments, tattoos and Zippo lighters.
  Geoff aka geoffbot

Age: 27 at the time of writing (born 1985).

Marital status: Married to my gorgeous wife Clare for the past almost 2 years. No kids.

Location: Brighton, south coast, UK.

Occupation: IT account manager for 6 years, in Brighton.

Hobbies: Watches, Squash, Poker, Climbing, Chess, Scrabble, Drinking

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