Rolex Daytona

Though things are always shifting, the steel Rolex market is still going strong, so finding things like the 116500LN Daytona or the GMT-Master ii Pepsi Jubilee (ref 126710) anywhere near its “official” retail price is still effectively impossible without being your Rolex AD’s best friend and sitting on a brutally long waiting list. This of course is where e-comm retailers like Bob’s Watches come into the equation, and they (much like a handful of other trustworthy dealers in the pre-owned space) occasionally do have both of these pieces and others on offer for typical market rate.

Actual discounts in this particular category are always tricky to come by when you’re talking about highly sought after models, but in time for Father’s Day, Bob’s Watches has been running a promo that covers every watch on their site, so regardless of what Rollie you’re chasing at the moment, you’ll at least find some modest savings. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Save $100 on orders over $2,000
  • Save $200 on orders over $5,000
  • Save $400 on orders over $10,000

Rolex Submariner

If we were talking about any other category, frankly these low discounts wouldn’t matter, but the steel Rolex market specifically is its own weird animal these days. If you haven’t experienced it first hand, just try popping into your local Rolex dealer and try and find a Sub, GMT, or Daytona of any sorts. You might come across a Datejust 41 in steel, or some other obscure Oyster Perpetual, but by and large Rolex continues to constrict its supply as demand (and thus market values) continue to climb. While things haven’t quite gotten as bonkers as the current situation with the Patek Philippe Nautilus, whose current market value is so out of touch with its retail price that it’s turning off many collectors and enthusiasts in regards to wanting to add the Gerald Genta classic to their collections, it’s still wild to see how the secondary market for Rolex is moving.

Similarly to the Porsche 911 in the autos world, there’s speculation about the “Rolex Bubble” bursting, but so long as the brand holds the line in terms of supply, we don’t expect to see any kind of correction on the horizon when it comes to more recent pieces. The auction market for vintage Daytonas and other Rolex models is a different argument, as there has been some softening in that respect lately, but if you’re just after something modern from the last couple of decades, we wouldn’t recommend waiting too long if there’s something you’re currently coveting.

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