If you think about it, we carefully protect the smartphone we upgrade every 12 or 24 months with products like Gorilla Glass, a protective film designed to prevent knocks, scrapes, smudges and scratches. But strangely, there’s no such protection for an even more valuable investment: the high-quality watches we own and hope to one day pass down to future generations.

Until now.

That’s where STYX comes in, a company that decided it’s about time we applied the same level of protection against bumps and scrapes we afford the average smartphone to our watches. It’s all about preserving the “fresh out of the box” gleam and luster of a new timepiece for years to come.

Styx Watch Protection

Precision Fit

Unlike those uniformly cut cellphone protection films you can pick up anywhere, STYX Watch Protection kits are not a one-size-fits-all solution to protecting your watch. Each kit is precisely custom-fitted to specific watch models employing the latest 3D scanning technology, so it literally fits your watch like a new protective skin.

Every facet of the watch has an expertly-cut paint protection film custom made for it — which is easy to apply in the comfort of your own home. The pattern cutting is so precise the film is practically unnoticeable (unless you hand over your watch for a close inspection to show off your new STYX kit).


If you’re a true watch lover, even the tiniest inadvertent scratch can totally ruin your day, not to mention the look of your watch. Even if others might not notice, that annoying little scrape along the bezel is something you’re going to see every. single. time. you look down at your wrist.

Each STYX Watch Protection kit features a compact coating structure which prevents the formation of those annoying scratches on every part of the watch: from the watch case, to the face, bracelet and clasp. The polyurethane film used in STYX kits is treated with a nano top coat which is both water and oil repellent; plus, there’s no sticky glue residue left on the watch upon removal.


​The STYX Watch Protection film coating comes with a heat-activated self-healing function which helps eliminate any light damages on the film surface.

Easy Installation

Worried the film might be tricky to install? Don’t be. Every STYX Watch Protection kit comes with a set of detailed instructions that will walk you through the process step-by-step. With a little patience, the entire kit can usually be installed in 30 minutes or less — for results that will last.

Preserves Value

If you’re a major celebrity who can point to a scratch or ding on a watch and spin an urban legend out of it which actually increases its provenance, scratch away. But for us ordinary watch owners, we’re sorry to say that nicks, scratches and scrapes lower the value of a watch over time, pretty much like they do with a new vehicle.

With everyday wear-and-tear as such a major component in depreciation, it only makes sense to protect your investment wherever possible — without having to resort to keeping your most prized possession locked up 24/7. After all, you bought that fancy new watch to actually wear it, didn’t you?

Which Watches Does STYX Protect?

As a new company, STYX began by targeting the higher-end of the market, starting with the most sought-after Rolex watches, and certain Audemars Piguet models. That means there are currently STYX Watch Protection kits for all the leading Rolex models including the Rolex Submariner Date series, Rolex Daytona Ref.116520, Rolex Explorer, Rolex Air King 116900, Rolex Explorer II, Rolex Sea Dweller series, Rolex Yacht-Master 42 226659 and Rolex GMT-Master II series.

Expect kits for more brands and models to be added as the company continues to grow. In the meantime, if you don’t see your specific model covered in the STYX Shop yet, you can always contact the company about making you a custom protection kit.

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