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  1. UPDATED: Is my 1441 genuine, a hybrid, martian? Omega 200m Pre-Bond confusion NOW SOLVED

    High Accuracy Quartz watches
    Gents (and ladies), I snagged an Omega Seamaster 200m Pre-Bond (two toned) off the Bay. The owner believed it likely had a 1438 and from the case back, that's what I'd have guessed. Well, upon bringing it to a jeweler sort of nearby (I'm currently in New Bern NC and there are ZERO Omega people...
  2. Finally pulled the trigger: My first Omega, the Seamaster Pro 200m Pre-Bond (full sized Gold, SQ)

    I've been following auctions for a few months and missed out twice on exactly what I had wanted. Last night I came across two and after asking questions of both sellers made my decision. Pictures from the auction below. This particular pre-bond has always fascinated me. I love the Mercedes...
  3. Omega cal. 1441 and 1445

    High Accuracy Quartz watches
    Are these still considered COSC movements, or did they lose that title when they last updated the COSC requirements for quartz. And are they still consided heq movements?