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  1. Gold Plated New Watch Question

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    Who offers the best 14k - 18k gold plating on sapphire crystaled automatics under $500?
  2. Rare Vintage 1932 Hamilton Flintridge 14K Flip Top Watch Cal 987F Art Deco

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    Vintage 1932 Hamilton Flintridge 14K Flip Top Watch $6500 WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE. PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR AN INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING QUOTE. Features Age: 1932 Gender: Men's Brand: Hamilton Model: Flintridge Ref. #: N/A Case Serial #: 154222 Movement: Manual Wind Cal. 987F Movement #: 4264585...

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    My wife had been wearing this watch for some time. So, it has signs of wear. The case is in good condition but the glass has miltiple scratches and a couple of chips on the sides. The watch is small so it was difficult to capture them on the camera. The Lucien Piccard 14K gold ladies watch...
  4. Ancre Spiral Bureguet 16 Rubis Chaton 14 k gold pocket watch. value?

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    On the first lid it says: X 14k 0585 3743 On the second lid it says the same as on the first lid exept that in stead of 3743 it says: 223743 Also on both of the lids there are 2 squares and inside the biggest one there is a squirrel. In the smallest I cant see what there is inside. On the...
  5. Help me Identify this Watch - 14K Gold Rolex

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    Hi Guys, New to this site - thought you all might be able to help me find out what kind of Rolex i have come across? I don't know anything about it - no case markings (exempt 14K gold on the caseback) Photos are below - im not sure what other details i can give you to assist!! Sorry.
  6. Old Vintage Ladies Tissot 14k Watch

    I sell glass for a living... I can tell you stuff about cars, windows, etc. However, I know nothing about watches! A nun collected jewelry, watches, etc to help fund their new church. She passed away and somehow all this vintage jewelry and watches ended up in my lap. Can anyone tell me about...
  7. Can anyone help identify this watch?

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I was hoping someone could help me identify this vintage ladies bracelet watch. I found it while looking through my grandmother's jewelry box after she passed away. I don't know whether it belonged to her or my great-grandmother. I've scoured the internet, but...
  8. 14Kt Gold Omega Turler?

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hey WUS, Recently acquired this Omega "Turler"with the two dots over the U. Not sure what that means or more importantly why the crown is on the underside of the movement? I was very careful when I took the movement picture and it works well. I believe Turler was a company Omega worked with...
  9. FS: Bulova Accutron 14k gold (vintage, tuning fork)

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    For sale is a Bulova Accutron in 14k solid gold case Very nice Accutron in solid 14k yellow gold case. Dates to 1966 per 'M6' inscription on caseback. Dial is crisp and clear. A nice way into a solid gold watch with some history attached to it. Caliber: 218 (tuning fork humming nicely)...
  10. My "New" Vintage Hamilton Vancott !

    I have recently had the luck to acquire a beautiful vintage Hamilton in 14k, the Vancott, issued with the 987S caliber, an all-American watch. This is the caliber used by the American military throughout WWII as an extremely reliable movement. (It has the hacking feature necessary for...
  11. FS: Rolex Bubbleback 14K rose gold from 1940s.

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    For sale is a very rare and hard to find Rolex Bubbleback in 14K rose gold from the 1940s. Hard to find in this condition and at this price. Pictures speak for themselves so please have a look. Ref #3131 Original dial Recently serviced Black Rolex lizard strap with Rolex buckle Approximately...
  12. FS: Rolex Datejust Model 16013 - LOWER PRICE

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    Another piece for sale. This is a Datejust Model 16013 (quick set date calendar) in great condition. Runs strong and keeps good time (3035 movement). The black dial has been professionally refinished with 10 round brilliant diamonds mounted in 14k gold. Original 14k yellow gold fluted bezel...
  13. Elgin 14k gold.

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello. I'd like to know, how much cost that pocket watch ? I would like to know history of that model. Thank's for help. Picture:
  14. SOLD *FS: Solid 14k Tiffany and Co. Omega Seamaster Deville Day Date

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    This is a beautiful, rare 14K yellow gold Omega Sea-Master De Ville automatic wrist watch. It's solid gold made for Tiffany & Co with the day/date feature and in Excellent condition. Rare piece with Tiffany dial (original). All original including the signed crystal (Omega symbol over the...
  15. FS: Collector Condition 14K 1953 Omega Constellation Model 2782 calibre 354 'bumper' movement

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    Asking price $2400 US This vintage watch belonged to my grandfather and was handed down to me over 40 years ago. It has been tucked away in my vault for four decades. A family possession since new, this Omega Constellation Model 2782 is powered by a calibre 354 'bumper' movement. The 13.9...
  16. Ladies vintage Bulova - info sought

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    I've also posted this on the Ladies watch forum.... This is one of 2 Bulovas I have inherited. It was my grandmothers, who passed away in the mid 90's. I have not been able to find out much on it, or its potential value. So I am hoping a few here could steer me in the right direction. It is...
  17. FS: Vintage Mechanical Doxa 14k Rose gold

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    Hi All, I`m offering for sale Vintage Mechanical Doxa anti magnetic, As I understood from the seller when I got it that this piece bought arround 1950-1960. The watch looks great! Very very good condition, 2 micro scratches on the glass. The watch keep great time! I Checked 24 hours and it...
  18. 14K gold watches - Brand New Old Stocks! Tissot, Longines, TWC

    Watches - Dealers and Manufacturers
    Hi All, I Got Brand new 14K watches from old Stock, Some with Leather starap some with 14K Bracelet and Diamonds. Looking for dealer to take all for great price! Possible to sell also one by one. Brands: Tissot, Longines, TWC Some pictures:
  19. FS Vintage Omega solid 14k gold large size

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Up for your consideration is probably the prettiest of my small Omega collection. Please forgive the bad photography. Up for sale is a omega dress watch,with a hand wind cal 520 movement. The inscription and serial number date it to early 1960. As the pictures show, the condition is...
  20. Inherited Lucien Piccard Ladies Watch! Looking for more information...

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello! I have only a slight familiarity with watches, but I just inherited a Lucien Piccard watch (or so I believe it to be). I was told it would have been owned by my great aunt in the 20's or 30's, but I'm not completely certain, as that information is passed down family lore. I have some...