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  1. Looking for help with regards to identifying a Raketa watch 2603

    Russian watches
    Hey, I'm a nooby to these forums, but I've just purchased my first Raketa off eBay I'm wondering if any of you experienced lot could identify this, as I'm not entirely sure whether I have a genuine USSR period Raketa, or a franken watch. As far as I can see, its running a 16j 2603 movement with...
  2. Sturmanskie 16 jewel?

    Russian watches
    Hi, first of all sorry for yet another Sturmanskie post. I tried searching the forum but didn't find much... Are there original Sturmanskies with 16 jewels? I'm talking about the "Gagarin version". The seller seems honest and points out all franken details about the watch, but insists that the...