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1970's watches

  1. Vintage Fortis Stratoliner

    Hello everyone. firstly i am new to these forums and am really enjoying the website. i have owned this Vintage Stratoliner for a little while now. i would ideally like to know a little more about it if possible. there is not alot of Info online about these Vintage Stratoliners, this one...
  2. Citizen "Commando" Moon dater, Mystery?

    Hello Guys i am new to the forums but i have been collection Seiko and a few Citizens for a while now. i recently came across this is Gem in a watch lot on the Bay. i thought it looked really interesting and had to have it, it is a Citizen Moon dater which has been branded "Commando" Could...
  3. Black watch, coloured spherical buttons, 1970's?

    Public Forum
    Ok, so I know that's not much information but I'm trying to track down these watches that I saw on eBay a few years ago. Like i said, from what I can remember, they were all black, analogue, but the most memorable feature was their buttons which were red/yellow/blue spheres. They were by a male...
  4. Wacky World o' Watches

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    Holy Cow! Could these 1970's watches, many claimed as NOS, be real? Some FAR OUT designs here...