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  1. FS: Vintage Tressa "Laser Beam" - $35 shipped in CONUS -- SOLD --

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Vintage Tressa "Laser Beam", which appears to be from the 1970s based on the case style. Funky oval shaped stainless case is approximately 35mm across and 32mm high. Dial and signed crown appear all original. Watch is in great condition for its age, with some minor scratches on the acrylic...
  2. Snapshot of the Seventies

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi everyone. I've been absent from the forum for quite some time. I have been indulging other hobbies (mostly hifi and vinyl records!) for a while since watch hunting for reasonable prices just seemed to be getting harder and harder. In the last week I dipped back in, and I'm very very glad I...
  3. Project watches arrived--looking forward to learning

    I ordered a lot of 5 watches from Ramon "thewatchcollector" on eBay last month. They showed up and I'm pretty pleased. 4 automatics and 1 mechanical. He described them as women's watches but two are certainly men's, if on the small side. All appear to date to the mid-1970s. Though they were...
  4. FS: Memosail Regatta 10-Minutes Chronograph

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    For sale is my Memosail Regatta 10-Minutes Chronograph. The watch is in pristine condition and was last serviced in 2014. 10-minutes chrono works perfectly and resets to zero flawlessly. Further info on the watch can be found in this wonderfully written article Memosail 1970's - Regatta...
  5. 1970's Accurist Diver

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    So my latest ebay purchase arrived this morning- A 1970's Accurist Diver. I see their 60's "Marinograf" divers pop up from time to time but I've never seen one of these before. Obviously it needs some work, but it has some good potential. The dial and hands are clean and the full steel case...
  6. Two vintage Citizen X8 Cosmotron for spares or repair

    eBay Auctions
    Hi everybody, I put for sale two vintage Citizen Cosmotron. Both watches don't work, so they are sold for parts or repair. I have tested them and the tonneau shaped one (with the black ring) ticks only if you push the crown but the seconds hand won't move, the crown has some problems too, and...
  7. Funky, 17 jewel 1970s Hamilton in mint condition (with two NATO straps)

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    (SOLD) I have here a mint 1970s, selfwinding, cushion-cased Hamilton. All original. Signed dial, crown, back, inner back and perfectly working 17-jewel movement. It will come with two NATO straps (they are shown in the last picture) that match the blue dial perfectly. I assure you, any dots in...
  8. Seiko SNKN37 "Recraft" Blue 1970s Retro Watch With Leather Band

    Seiko watch reviews
    Just received this Seiko SNKN37 "Recraft" with the 7S26 in an exhibition window, and couldn't be happier with it. Got a good deal from Amazon who were briefly in a price war with Macy's (!). This retro looker came with the full 3-year Seiko warrant, box, tags, etc. I'm a big guy, north of...
  9. Bulova N6 Computron "Driver's LED Watch" 14K RGP Case (1976)

    eBay Auctions
    Hi people, I put my Bulova Computron LED watch from 1976 on ebay. Here's the link of the auction: Vintage LED Watch Bulova Computron N6 "Driver" Watch Rare 14K RGP Case | eBay
  10. Oyster Perpetual Date (1500) with strange Sigma dial

    Rolex & Tudor
    Hello, I recently acquired a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date (ref. 1500) with a sigma dial. This watch was originally sold in 1976 (according to the papers). The hourmarkers are shiny rectangles with a black frame around them. Technically speaking they should be made out of precious metal. (sigma)...
  11. First post: Not sure if fake: Vintage 1970's Omega

    Omega Fake Busters
    Hello, I am looking for a watch for my BF and found this ebay listing for something I think he'd really like. Below is a link to the listing. There are a couple things on there that make me nervous and I have no idea how to spot a fake in the first place, I was hoping someone here could help...
  12. Timex makes a middle aged man very happy!

    Affordable watches
    This week I got a Seiko SARB from my wife as a father's day present. I love this watch and really connected with it right away. So much so that it brought back a lot of memories of why I love watches so much in the first place. This brought me back to memories of my first watch: a 1972 Timex...
  13. Strap advice for 1970s self-winding Hamilton

    Straps & Bracelets
    I have my Grandfather's 1970s self-winding Hamilton watch that he received in 1973 as a retirement gift. It currently has a gold Speidel watchband that doesn't quite match the face. I have two questions. 1. Original band? How does one find out what the original band was like? 2. New band? Any...
  14. 1977 Rolex Air King 5500 Black Dial

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    All original 1977 Rolex Air-King with a black dial and original stainless steel band (band dated 1977). original box and tag. Fits a 7" wrist Asking $1,500 SOLD This is a beautiful watch that is almost 35 years old, in very good condition for as old as it is. ​Thanks for looking!
  15. Sold! Thanks Tom and WUS. Stellaris Electric, 1973-74, JB Champion band, $30 shipped

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Offered here is an original, working (fresh battery just installed) Stellaris Electric men's watch, circa about 1973-74, conservatively 90% on the TZ scale. It is a very unique and distinctive timepiece, with that certain '70s chunky style. It has a gorgeous dark blue sunburst dial, with silver...
  16. black dial vintage seiko

    im looking to buy a black dialed 17 jewel handwind 1970s seiko from ebay, the numbers on the caseback read 6602-7040 also serial no is 697170. could anyone tell me anything about these watches? Thanks in advance Hazchrono
  17. Breitling Cosmonaute

    24 Hour watches
    Hi there I'm interested in buying a Breitling Cosmonaute, model 819 or 8109 from the early 1970s. Any advice or tips on where i might be able to buy one would be welcomed. I'm based in London, and occasionally travel to Denver Colorado. Also, are there any mechanisms that I need to be wary...