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  1. Russian watches
    Hi all. Im just starting out in the world of watch repair and i have a vostok europe k3 submarine. While disassmbling the piece ive come across a problem. The minute wheel is totally trashed. No teeth at all. Im asking anybody on here if they have one. Ive looked absolutely everywhere for a...
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    Vostok Ambhibian Scuba dude divers watch USSR made 960 case good condition 80s
  3. Russian watches
    Hi everyone! This is a great forum, which I enjoyed very much so far and I've found lots of useful tips and reviews here. Thank you all very much for sharing your info. I am new to this forum and my 1st language is not English so bear with me if I use weird vocabulary or grammar ;-) I just...
  4. Russian watches
    I haven't worn this since I am uncomfortable with the rotor's movement. I opened it up and the screw is in place correctly. When it is turned, it does not turn in a straight flat line. It wobbles as it turns, to the point of touching the movement surface. I will get out my screwdriver and check...
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    My newest arrival, a Vostok amfibia - REEF diver! :-) with a Vostok automatic mechanism 2416B and a 42mm diameter case!
1-5 of 5 Results