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  1. Russian watches
    Hi all. Im just starting out in the world of watch repair and i have a vostok europe k3 submarine. While disassmbling the piece ive come across a problem. The minute wheel is totally trashed. No teeth at all. Im asking anybody on here if they have one. Ive looked absolutely everywhere for a...
  2. Reviews
    This is one of the Komandirskies that has a 200m WR rating, so functionally a dive watch suitable for most any kind of wet use you can throw at it. This particular model is getting hard to find although there does appear to be some on ebay right now. There are some others in the Komandirskie...
  3. Russian watches
    Just wanted to share some news about a famous Soviet legend (see below, source RT.COM) Meanwhile, some look at my Vostok-Europe Homage watch and some Soviet cousins Arctic legend: Saving North Pole conqueror (PHOTOS) 9 October, 2012 A campaign to save the legendary nuclear-powered...
1-3 of 3 Results