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  1. Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    Hello guys. Some ready for sale straps. Already made, discounted price and price per strap is $90 which includes paypal, tracked shipping via german airmail (signed for) and a basic thumbnail or basic (non GPF) pre-v buckle (depending of which is available at the time). Handmade and...
  2. Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    For sale is a 24mm woven textile G-10 style strap with brushed stainless steel buckle and rings. Excellent condition. Soft, comfortable and very well made, similar to Tudor Black Bay and Ranger woven straps. $14 shipped within the CONUS.
  3. Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    24 x 24mm swiss canvas strap, 130 x 75 mm; italian leather padded, roller buckle, flieger-like buckle guard, metal keeper sewn in. SOLD! paypalled and shipped (tracked from Düsseldorf, signed for, via German Airmail)
  4. Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    $48.00 Shipped in the US. Worn afew times but in good shape. Really cool strap but didn't care for the look once it was on my watch. I'd also be into a trade idea. ;-)
  5. Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    24 x 24mm, army canvas, vintage ammo leather padding, extra smooth and pliable. 130 x 80 mm, stainless steel buckle (PRE-V), waxed poly stitching. Fully customizable (add date, year, nickname or whatever you wish on the keepers, keychain or under the strap) PRICE: SOLD! Can be remade...
  6. Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    24 x 24 , 130 x 80 mm 1965 swiss ammo canvas; vintage leather lining, extremely pliable. Olive green stitching, waxed. Owner name tag, swiss ammo leather keychain (both can be engraved with owner's name). 3 different keepers, 2 leather, 1 vintage swiss ammo canvas in non-altered state (with...
  7. Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    Something from my private collection until I start making new straps after Feb. 5th 24 x 24 mm 130 x 80 mm Selleria leather, sturdy, yet soft and supple. POLTRONA FRAU padding Vintage wax stitching 2 floating keepers Gift: 1965 swiss ammo keychain ***SOLD *** paypalled and shipped via...
  8. Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    Hi Everyone, I'm selling my unworn Paolo18 24mm handmade Panerai leather strap. Asking $100 shipped (CONUS, PayPal). Specs: Width: 24/24 Length: 80/135 Color: Dark Brown Stitching: Black Thanks.
  9. Public Forum
    Just got this beauty in the mail last week. Nice late Christmas gift for myself. Was just playing around with some different straps to see how the overall look changed. Going to have to try some more colour soon. Here's a few of the better shots. First two are vintage WWII leather straps...
  10. Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    Hi all, I have been building straps for a few years now but this is the first time posting on WUS forum. I am offering a few straps that I have built up over the past few weeks since moving to Oz. All my straps are built using high quality leather, threads, buckles and craftsmanship. Everything...
  11. Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    SOLD! Thanks buddy! :-! History fact: Operation Market Garden (September 17-25, 1944) was an Allied military operation, fought in the Netherlands and Germany in World War II. It was the largest airborne operation of all time. The operation plan's strategic context required the seizure of...
1-12 of 13 Results