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  1. Some Macro Shots of my Vintage 3017 Poljot Strela

    Russian watches
    Hi Folks, I had some fun today taking some macro shots of my Strela, Hope you enjoy them!
  2. FS: 1960s Poljot (aka Strela) 3017 chronograph

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    Hello WUS! Whant to propose for sale Poljot 3017 chronograph, USSR clone of Valjoux 71. Based on item number on bridge - from 1968. Very nice condition of the case. Movement is in good working order, all functions nominal (c). Serviced (no need of service in 3-5 years). Dial is civil version...
  3. Dating Caliber 3017

    Russian watches
    There are a lot of questions here (sorry!) if you only know a little, please share a little! :-) Thank you so much. I see a lot of cal.3017s on eBay which is great, but because so many of them are frankenwatches, I have trouble determining when the movement is from. I'd prefer to only...
  4. Sourcing paddle hands for 3017 Chronograph

    Russian watches
    I need a set of paddle chronograph hands for a sekonda 3017 chronograph watch. My project watch already has the hour hand and the chronograph hand. But I need a minute hand, and both subdial hands. Ideally if i got a full set, i could replace the aged ones on the watch already. I am...
  5. 1MWF Molnjia Shturmanskie from nowhere

    Russian watches
    Mysterious clock. At least for me. Movement: 3017, produced by 1MWF. Case: Molnija type. Wristwatch, not pocket watch. Model for the aviation. On the black dial: scales Shturmanskie type; two subdials, hands Urofa Type-59 style, chronograph hand thin and very long. Pump pushers buttons for...
  6. Soviet SEKONDA 19 jewels MADE IN USSR year 1964-5 manufacture #23929 serviced

    WTT - Trade Corner
    Condition: used but in mint condition (see photos) Movement: Soviet movement 3017 caliber 19 jewels, just serviced Crystal: organic glass not scratched Case: White copper case band, chromium-plated. Stainless steel cap. The case band and cap are clamped together Dimensions: 36 mm diameter...
  7. Buy Soviet Sekonda, Poljot, Strela caliber 3017

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Dear Members of watchuseek, I would like to buy a Soviet Sekonda, Poljot, Exacta, Titan or Strela caliber 3017 with black dial, also white dial is excellent. I live in Guatemala, Central America and would like to pay via PayPal. Thank you for your kind attention to my post, and waiting for...
  8. FS: Poljot sekonda strela 3017 movement - 1960s

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Still not too sure about this one but as always I've seen something and need to make the funds up... Needs no introductions... Alexei Leonov took one on a jolly when he went on the first space walk: £350 / €495 but let's talk about shipping / collection (very flexible see below) Some...
  9. My Poljot 3017

    Russian watches
    Hi, today I have received a watch that I really didn't expect purchasing for many years with current inflated prices. But it was unbelievable what a great deal I found on the local website - less than 200$ (one fifth of an usual Ebay price? :think:) for Poljot 3017! Since the beginning of this...
  10. HELP! Your opinion on this Strela needed!

    Russian watches
    Hi! Would anyone please comment on this watch: how much looks genuine?
  11. Vintage watch stores in Moscow?

    Russian watches
    I'm traveling to Moscow in May and want to pick up a vintage Poljot Strela 3017...any recommendations as to where I should purchase one? Thank you! -Chase
  12. FS: Vintage Strela 3017 cal. Sekonda Black Dial

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Moved this to a no reserve auction on ebay: Hi, I'm selling the watch mentioned in this thread...
  13. FS: Soviet Russian Rare Vintage Poljot Strela 3017

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    A rare vintage very collectible Poljot Strela 3017. The 3017 caliber was produced by the 1st Moscow Watch Factory, the 19-jewel column-wheel chronograph movement based on the Venus 150 Swiss calibre. Works perfectly, only flaws are the non-original replacement crown and some pitting at the...
  14. 1959 Strela 3017 - Franken dial?

    Russian watches
    Hi, everyone! I've just seen this Strela on ebay, item no. 270565653208. Is the dial genuine? Looking at the official Strela dials I know of, this dial should be more creamy in colour & кл1 should be written under 19 камней. Starting bid is set at $800! (Sorry I had problems trying to copy the...
  15. Sekonda 3017 stem removal

    Russian watches
    Can some advise please I want to remove a stem that has snapped on my 3017 as I managed to source a box of NOS russian stems and a crown (I hope) I need to know how to release the stem. many thanks Adam
  16. New photo of a Sekonda 3017...

    Russian watches
    change the strap from a bund to this nylon job, so figured I would snap a photo.