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  1. Where to buy Russian watches?

    Affordable watches
    Hello everyone, I am looking for some affordable auto chrono's to add to my collection and most of the ones that interest me are Russian. But, I haven't the slightest clue where you guys find all these Russian watches. I'm assuming most of them are bought used but, are there sites that still...
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  3. POLJOT 3133 Russian Chronograph

    Russian watches
    Hi All, I am new to watchuseek. I was thinking a getting myself a Russian watch, and I saw one on eBay that really caught my eye. But as the description was in German, I couldn't understand any of it. I also couldn't find much about it on the web. I was wondering if anyone here can help me out...
  4. Okean/OKEAH 3133 number of winds decreases

    Russian watches
    Hello, I have noticed something strange on my 3133 powered watch. I wind it daily at the same time. After a few weeks the number of winds needed to get the mainspring fully wound decreases. It used to be 13 winds, then 12 and now it is closer to 11, as if the power needed to get the watch...
  5. SOLD: Russian Strela Chrono 24-hour - $350

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    Strela 24-Hour Chrono 1254B by Julian Kampmann from Perfect shape, clear case back - #88/500 Includes custom 20mm Ammo Strap from BJSTRAP Specs: Chronograph STRELA 24-Std. weiss | Poljot 24 Additional pictures...
  6. Poljot 3133 winding frequency

    Russian watches
    Hello, I have recently bought a 3133 based chronograph (Volmax - Okean). The watch has a 60+ power reserve (it ran 62 hours before I wound it, although it had not stopped) and it seems to go for 2 full days with almost no loss in accuracy. I normally wind it every day (at the same hour) but I...

    Russian watches
    My father passed away a few years ago and this watch was left in his house, I am finally getting round to finding out what model it is and also what its value might be, unfortunately i don't have loads of info on it, and lots of searching the web has come up with nothing. Its a POLJOT 3133, 23...
  8. A public statement: We should all celebrate this. 3133 without the P.

    Russian watches
    STRELA | MakTime factory report | Russian watch movement production ..."you are currently unlikely to find Poljot as a brand name, as Maktime did not inherit this from the First Moscow Watch Factory, much to the company’s regret. It actually belongs to a renowned Russian money oligarchy...
  9. Poljot 3133 Repairs

    Russian watches
    Hi, I live in Canada and own a Sturmanskie 3133 chronograph. I dropped it a couple of days ago and it has stopped working. Does anyone know what could have gone wrong with it and more important than all, where I can get it repaired? Thanks
  10. SOLD - Полёт (Poljot) 3133 Chronograph - $225

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    ***SOLD*** This is a Полёт (Poljot) 3133 chronograph. It is in great shape cosmetically. It keeps good time, and the chronograph works and resets to zero. I'm not sure of the service history. $225 Paypaled to me and I’ll ship it via USPS to US addresses.
  11. ****** SOLD ***** FSOT - Buran Mig 29 Chronograph, cal. 3133 - CONUS

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    This is a catch and release for me. Buran Mig 29 Vedomi Chrono. Works perfectly, all hands reset to 0 as they should. The only blemish is the scuff marks on the (aluminum?) bezel and a small blemish on the crystal right at the star (very hard to see in blown up picks and even harder in person)...
  12. FSOT: Poljot Chronograph Classic

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    Poljot Movt: 3133 Size: 38-39mm the watch was recently serviced Price: 120 EUR
  13. Pilot "Berkut" 5112 limited edition (Poljot movement 31681)

    Russian watches
    Hi all, I received last week my (first) russian watch. I wanted it sturdy, stylish and durable for a daily usage (I don't use any particular function). I bought it to last (in a prepper spirit), and I hope I will still use it in 15 years! I chose naturally a Poljot 3133 movement, regarding the...

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    Selling my Russian Aviator chronograph. The chrono is brand new in box with papers. Never worn. Very nice aviation style mechanical chronograph. Blue and gray dial. Sapphire crystal. Limited edition of 999 pieces. Very hard to find. I bought another Aviator with automatic movement in similar...
  15. FSOT: Aviator Maktime Chronograph 3133

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    Mint, movement: 3133 Accuracy within -/+5 sec/day Asking: $350
  16. WTT Strela Chrono for ?

    WTT - Trade Corner Excellent condition, working perfect, papers. Looking for military/pilot/divers, no quartz.
  17. FSOT: Poljot Chronograph classic

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    Movement: 3133 Deployment buckle leather strap Price: 190 EUR
  18. FS: JL Avia Classic Commander 3133

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    Picked this up around January of this year from the first owner (and I do not think he wore it much if at all). I have worn it about six times or so, and it is just simply too large for my wrist. The head is in perfect condition with no scratches or desk diving marks. It has a Poljot 3133...
  19. Is this a genuine Poljot Columbus?

    Russian watches
    Hi there, since I'm new to this forum, let me introduce myself first. My name is JJ and I'm from Germany. I'm not a watch collector, but i recently stumbled accross a beautiful Seiko Age of Discovery 5t52-7a10 and bought it. So now I'm catching myself surfing the Bay looking for watches. ;) My...
  20. FS: Poljot Classic Chronograph, Roman Num., Revered 3133 Movement - FINAL REDUCTION $210 SHIPPED!

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    Poljot Classic Chronograph 3133 - Roman Numeral Specs: - Poljot 3133 movement - 39mm case without crown, 48mm lug to lug, 13mm high. Lugs are 20mm with screwed tubes. - 3 ATM WR. Comes w/ Box, Original strap and brand new extra Teju lizard strap that is ready to be put in. Different hands on...