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  1. Casio G-Shock
    I'm going to change the LCD on my GW-5510-1BJF (have the correct part) and wondering whether anyone has changed the LCD on the 3159 module before (e.g. GW-M5610 etc.) I can't find any videos or photographic tutorials for this on this movement (I've done an LCD change a couple of times before on...
  2. Casio G-Shock
    Hi All I have had my GWM5610-1 (3159 module) watch for only 20 months and the module has already failed! I have looked after the watch (even though it's a G-Shock) and have kept it charged up - in fact I've never seen it below 'H'. It sits on a shelf (with my other solar's) where the sun...
1-2 of 2 Results