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  1. Russian watches
    G'Day all, I'm very keen to see if I can find a crystal caseback to fit to my new Maktime Moonphase Chrono 31679... Do they exist - and if so, where would I find one?? Cheers! :-!
  2. Russian watches
    G'Day all, After an excruciating month-long wait, my first Russian watch has finally arrived on my doorstep :-! It's a Maktime Moonphase Chrono - and it is gorgeous! (Apologies for my shoddy photography...) It was advertised as used on eBay - but it seriously didnt have a mark on it, aside...
  3. Russian watches
    Anyone know if the 31679 movement hacks and also if it has a quick date setting function? I'm looking at one of these "Volmax Patriot", aka RcHZ watches from, thanks:
1-3 of 3 Results