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  1. Omega
    Hello Everyone, I'm new here, but I'm looking at the moment to purchase a Speedmaster Mark '4.5' (376.0822), and I've been doing as much background research as is possible for me at the moment. The other day, I came across '', which seems to be a great resource for the...
  2. Omega
    The French call Speedmasters 'les Speed'... Omega has produced many limited editions and many variations of the iconic Speedmaster, most of which are fairly indistinguishable one from the other at first glance unless you're a Speedophile. So what's so different about this one? It looks like a...
  3. Omega
    Some of you might already be familiar with the 376.0822 (a.k.a. "Grail") Speedmaster owners' page I set up on Frappr. For those who aren't, see my signature. I am now curious to see pictures of your personal examples, and hopefully lure a few lurkers to register their example on my page! I'll...
1-3 of 3 Results