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  1. wrist 6 inch and watch 41 mm

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    Hi everybody, I would like to buy IWC Portugieser (ref: 3714). The problem is I have only 6 inch wrist and watch has 41 mm diameter. I am afraid it may be too big :-( Please help me. Have somebody only 6 inch wrist and a watch witch 41mm diameter?
  2. Orient M Force Beast on 6 inches wrist?

    Hi there, I've been searching around in the forum and I was not able to find anyone that owns (or owned) a M-Force Beast and also happen to have a 6 inches wrist. I really like the watch but I'm afraid it might be too big for my puny 6 inches wrist. I currently own a Mako XL and a Mako Quartz...
  3. Watch too big?

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    Do you think this 39mm looks decent on my 6 inch wrist? Just thinking if it's too big? Edit: picture taken with a toaster.
  4. 34mm watches - best value $200

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    Hey guys I'm fairly new to this whole watch world. To start off, my wrist is pretty small for a guy (about 5.5 inches) I'm looking for a decent 34mm watch.. probably in the $200 range +/- $100. I'm looking for a simple watch and preferably shows the date (not necessary though) Which 34mm...
  5. Show off your small wrist! (with watch!)

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    Hey all! When buying a new watch online without even seeing it in reality I'm always nervous and will look online at wrist shots of the watch for weeks sometimes even a month before placing an order. The problem with this is that majority of people don't have small wrists or you don't now the...
  6. Is the monster to big for me?

    Hello everybody, My name is Mathias and I'm new on this forum. I live in Belgium. Some weeks ago I saw Seiko. And because I always wanted a mechanical watch that is suitable for sports (land and water). This will also be my first mechanical watch :-) It's not hard to guess witch watch I liked...