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  1. Which do you prefer? 6306/6309 vintage or the New SRP Turtles. Why?

    We have the 6306-7000, 6306-7001, 6309-7040/49 vintage Turtles on the other side vs. the new SRP Turtles SRP 775 to 77x. If you were only to choose only one and assuming that both are in same pristine condition...what will you get? The $400-700 vintage Turtles or the $250-375 new Turtles...
  2. FS Seiko 6306-7001 Turtle Creamy Beauty

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Up for sale is an all original Seiko 6306-7001 The dial and hands are in pristine condition. The bezel insert is original and beautiful. The bezel clicks solid as it should. The case is in great shape apart from a few dings shown in the pictures. The crown has a scratch. The back of the watch...
  3. WTB: Seiko 6309, 6306, or 6105 cushion diver project

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hi, I have cash and I'm looking for a seiko 6309 6306 or 6105 project watch, any condition but I prefer all original dial and hands. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  4. WTB: Seiko 6309 NOS original hands or new correct hands

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hi, I'm looking for some NOS or original correct hands for a seiko 6309-7040/9 or 6306-7000/1 Part numbers are : 12BF2LKH, 12BF2LKM, 12SB24BSR Thanks
  5. SOLD Vintage Seiko 6306-7001 All Original Great Condition 2Bracelet and 2Rubber From 1977

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    SOLD Hello, For sale is an all original Seiko 6306-7001, from March 1979. The case has never been polished or brushed in superb condition for its age, still has sharp lines, original crystal is flawless, dial is crisp and in great condition, Bezel is perfect and bezel insert is good with small...
  6. Seiko Covert 6306 mod- Cerakote, quartz conversion

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Reduced:$450 + $15 USPS Priority insured for US. Outside of US, contact me. Right up front: Some vile creature staked the case between each set of lugs to emulate the clicking that was lost due to the clickball freezing in the case. Stakes have been flattened, though the divots remain...
  7. 2014's First Craze For Me, Vintage Seiko Diver's

    Dive watches
    2014 has started with something of a fad for me, I've bought three older (can't really say vintage as the Gold tuna isn't from the 70's like the other two). I've owned a couple of Tuna's before now and a few micro's but I've never had the urge for more vintage watches. The two I've taken a...
  8. SOLD: 22mm WJean Super Oyster Bracelet for Seiko 6309 and 6306

    Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    For sale is a William Jean Seiko Super Oyster solid link stainless steel bracelet for the classic 6309-7040/7049 and 6306-7000/7001 cushion case divers. Seiko originally sold these watches on rubber straps so here is your chance to dress up your beautiful vintage dive watch on a classy stainless...
  9. FS: Seiko 6306-7001 Automatic Diver, Kanji & Hack

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Seiko 6306-7001 Automatic Diver, Kanji & Hack Condition: Here's an early 6306-7001 with Kanji day wheel. Hacking 6306A movement starts with a couple of shakes. Watch is keeping good time but service history is unknown. Movement looks clean with fresh case back and bezel gaskets. Case retains...
  10. FS: Seiko 6306-7001 Vintage Automatic Diver

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    Seiko 6306-7001 Vintage Automatic Diver Condition: Overall in good running condition. 6306A automatic movement (Kanji/English day-wheel) starts with a couple of shakes and the second hand hacks. Movement looks clean but service history is unknown and is keeping good time. Case retains original...
  11. Seiko 6306 Project

    eBay Auctions This is a Seiko 6306, w/ hacking, kanji day wheel. This however is for parts or repair, as it has a hairspring issue that stops it from running for more than a minute at a time. It does however contain all...
  12. Can someone help me with my Seiko 6306? It runs at double-speed!

    A while back I took the opportunity to buy a watch with a 6306 movement inside. Thought it might be nice to add it, along with the Kanji day-date wheel into a 6309 diver case, since it is just a 6309 movement that hacks and has 21 jewels. As an amateur, I couldn't be bothered to do that (at...
  13. FS: Seiko 6306 project watch - $100

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  14. Vintage Seiko diver experts. Are there any 6105/6309 variants that have it all?

    In the quest for the ultimate vintage entry level Seiko (w/hacking), I've found pros and cons in all. I like the 6105b, but it doesn't have the nice signed crown like the 6105a - but it has almost everything else (beautiful detailing, clicking bezel, etc.). The 6306 is an interesting one...