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  1. FS: Seiko 6309-7049 Turtle (1987)

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    Sold sold sold The great purge of 2020 continues with this amazing Seiko 6309 Turtle. I bought this a little while ago on a whim because I have a soft spot for Seiko Turtles. I already have six turtles in various configurations both old and new so there isn't room for this great example. The...
  2. Seiko 6309-7040 1977 with Roman Date Wheel

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    This is my beloved 6309-7040 from 1977. It has a Roman Date wheel which is very cool! This is an ALL ORIGINAL example, TO ITSELF. Meaning these are all of the original parts minus the gaskets and crystal. It was opened for the first time ever, about two months ago. It was in need of a new...
  3. FS: March 1977 Seiko 6309-7040 Turtle w/ nice patina SUWA dial - Serviced

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    Selling my Seiko 6309-7040 Turtle from March 1977 with the SUWA dial marking. The indices have a nice even eggshell patina. The dial and hands are pristine. The bezel has created a really nice grey ghosting over time, and the pearl has egg shell patina that matches the dial. The original crystal...
  4. FS: 1987 Seiko 6309-7290 Slim Turtle with modded green dial

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    Selling my 1987 Seiko 6309-7290 “Slim Turtle” with modded green dial on a Seiko rubber strap. Runs great and looks stunning. The 6309 designation is for a Seiko automatic movement with 17 jewels and 47 hours of power reserve that beats at 21,600 bph. Asking $120 shipped within CONUS. Tons of...
  5. WTB - Seiko 6309

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    My girlfriend has repossessed my original 6105 (don't ask), so I'm looking for a 6309 to wear in its place (and looking to avoid buying that SRP777 'reissue' and being boring). Seems every 6309 I see is either destroyed or filled with replacement/mod parts. Looking for one that is generally...
  6. FS: Seiko 6309

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    SOLD: Seiko 6309 Watch below was purchased in 2012 on Ebay with the intent of servicing. However, I just never had the time/will to go through with it, and the watch is just taking space in my collection. I’d rather send this classic to a home where it will be serviced/get the attention it...
  7. FS: 1977 Seiko 6309-7040 Turtle w/ 4 straps (serviced)

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    Selling my 1977 Seiko 6309-7040 Turtle. This watch looks like it is 42 years old, but runs like a tank. Bezel spins smoothly, but doesn't click. Roman numeral (and regular number) date wheel. Plenty of character on the case, dial, and crystal. Has the Suwa Seikosha symbol on the dial and...
  8. Withdrawn

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    Withdrawn, will relist separately

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  10. SOLD: Seiko 6309-7049 150m from March, 1980 (Suwa dial)

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    SOLD is a Seiko 6309 7049 150m diver from March, 1980. The watch is in good used condition. The price is $350 shipped CONUS. Please look closely at all pictures and ask questions before buying as returns are not accepted. The crystal has some minor marks but no severe gouges or...
  11. SOLD: Seiko 6309 7290 diver 150m from June, 1987

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    For sale is a Seiko 6309 7290 diver 150m from June, 1987. The watch is in good used condition (please see pictures). I am asking $150 shipped CONUS. The watch has a new crystal that is in mint condition (I will also include the original one). The bezel clicks as it should, but probably...
  12. Vintage Seiko - Fake or Legit

    Vintage Watch Review (Vintage Japanese Watches)
    Hello, I wanted to know if this Seiko watch is legit or fake, and if it is legit, its model. I tried looking for the model on the Seiko 5 Finder at but did not manage to find it. Additionally, I tried to obtain the watche's production year from its serial number and in some...
  13. Fs : 2x SEIKO TURTLES 6309-7040 VINTAGE DIVERS

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    Hi All!, Selling two beautiful ALL original 6309-7040 Diver watches. These watches work (Right when you pick them up they start) but haven't been timed by me, So Might need a service! Amazing condition on both of them, Never been polished, Crisp lines. Pictures were taken in day light, So...
  14. [WTB] Seiko turtle 6309 7040 6309-7040

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hello, fellow WuS's I've been looking for a decent 6309 lately, and am. Hoping you can help me out. I want to give it a new home, and I even have thoughts of purging my collection to make this my one and only centerpiece. My budget is less than $1000 usd I am in Australia, but am happy to...
  15. For Sale -- Seiko SRP-777 "Turtle" re-issue dive watch (sapphire crystal, complete w/box).

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    Hello and good day to all of my watch friends here, My name is Jason and I have for sale today a nicely taken care of Seiko "Turtle" reissue SRP777 diver's watch. About half a year ago I sold my Marathon GSAR to purchase this Seiko 6309 "remake" diver and I've loved it very much. I thought...
  16. FSOT : Near Mint Seiko Ninja Turtle + Nautilus Vintage Diver "Super Kontiki" 500m NOS!

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    Hi All ! looking to sell my Seiko Ninja Turtle! As far as trades : Really open minded, But has to be a Diver. Vintage and Military are great Too!. Screw down crown a must, Can trade up or down , Can be Used aswell! Would love a seiko tuna of some sort or old tag aquagraph plus cash from...
  17. First Mod / First Video: New Turtle (SRP773) to Vintage Hands from 1980's 6309 w/Lollipop seconds

    After changing to a 12 hour ceramic bezel, I tackle my first big modification. I love the hands for the original 6309 Turtle and I wanted that vintage diver look with a modern watch. These are replacement hands (new) for the 6309 with less lume, but a better color match for the dial. I open the...
  18. Info on Seiko’s purchased on base but not issued?

    Found this 6309 in my local classifieds a year or so ago, $60, kid comes out of the house with just the watch. I pay him and leave and he says “oh I might have the box but it’s old” . Get in my truck open the box and it has a receipt from Army and Airforce exchange service, and all the original...
  19. WTB - Seiko 6309-7040 or 6309-7049 Turtle - Dial Markers with Yellow/Tan Patina Desired!

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hey Gang! I'm looking for a nice 80's example (i.e. keeper) of a Seiko 6309-7040 or Seiko 6309-7049 Turtle. • Dial Markers having a Yellow/Tan Patina. • No Water Damage. • No Polishing. • Original parts. • No mods. Thanks!
  20. WTB - Seiko 6309-704X from 1980

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Looking for a quality original piece from 1980 - March 1980 is the grail. As original as possible pls, although comfortable with a new crystal. Suwa dial preferred and serviced would also be a plus. Cash waiting. Cheers al!