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  1. Seiko
    Hello, everyone! I just bought a 6458 Seiko Quartz diver. Bought a DAL3BP Seiko rubber strap too, now I'm looking for a SS bracelet for it. I didn't find about SS bracelets for these early 6458 models (or the 38mm 7C43-6010, also known as SSBT038). Does anyone knows if it ever came in stock...
  2. Seiko
    Hello, everyone! I bought a Seiko 6458-8000 (PHY018) with an aftermarket strap. I was looking for a genuine Seiko DAL3BP, but I don't know the rubber differences, is it comfortable? What do you guys think? I had a SNZF15 and didn't like the Seiko rubber strap that came with it — too stiff. The...