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  1. FS - Seiko Strap DA2A1JM/7T92-0JG0 - Stainless steel bracelet - U$ 80,00 + shipping

    Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    In great condition, almost never used with the watch. Designed for the iconic Seiko SNDA13 aka Caesar. I'm asking U$ 80,00 + shipping costs (I'm in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil) BE ADVISED! You only buy the strap, not the watch. This strap was especially made for this watch and wil probably...
  2. Can you identify this Yellow-Dialed Seiko 7T92?

    Hi there, I have been collecting Seikos for a short while. I just purchased the limited edition automatic PADI certified diver. I also own a new orange monster. I love them both. Look forward to reviews. I am looking at getting a Seiko chronograph and have been viewing Automatic vintage 70s...
  3. Joining the club with two new (quartz) chronographs

    Hi guys! First post here. Wanted to start by thanking everyone for all the tips I picked up from lurking. What a great forum! A couple months ago I picked a Seiko SNDA57. I jokingly call this my "spy watch" since it has the "Bond" NATO, and in the original novel, Jason Bourne uses a Seiko...
  4. Seiko SNDE29P1 1/20 Split Second Chronograph 100M 7T92 Watch

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I am selling an watch that was gifted to me. It is a good looking watch and garners praise when worn, but due to the many other automatic and mechanical watches I have, this watch has fallen into disuse, which is a shame really, as it deserves to be worn and loved. For sale is a Seiko split...
  5. WTB: Seiko 7T92 hands

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    I'm looking for replacement hands for my Seiko sndb09 (7T92 quartz-movement). I would like to find hands that are black and looks something like on a Seiko panda: Or just...
  6. Help. Seiko 7T92 movement broken? Can't tell.

    I've had a Seiko SNDA65 for quite some time; in fact my main reason for joining these forums. Anyway, about a year ago I started having problems with the stopwatch portion; would not reset correctly, or at all sometimes, and would start/stop erratically. I tried to take it in one to a "watch...
  7. FS: Seiko Chronograph SNDA57P1 Quartz

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    $100 USD Includes standard (ground) shipping in North America. The watch is in brand new condition, no scratches or marks. I wore it once or twice for less than half a day. I am selling it as it never sees any wrist time. My Fortis (weekend) and SNK809K2 (daily) are the only watches I have...