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  1. Help identify this 80s watch

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    Look at her hand. Couple of guys from the Synthwave community are interested in this watch model. Anyone has any ideas?
  2. Who knows more about this Tissot golden watch designed by Ettore Sottsass?

    Hi there I am new here. I have a question about a Tissot watch seen at eBay designed by Ettore Sottsass. Who knows more about this design and when Tissot produced this watch? Much appreciated for your help.
  3. Question for the specialists: 80s Omega

    Back in the 80s, around 1985, there was a new Omega model that didn't stay on the market for long. The unique feature it had was a slanted/tilted dial. In order to make reading the watch easier, the 12h side was higher than the 6h side of the dial and bezel. The second distinctive feature was...
  4. FS:Vintage 80's Radiodigit Quartz AM Radio watch

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    *Am Broadcast Radio *Hi Sensitivity & Output Power *LCD Quartz display with hour, minute, second, month and date. *Fully working with batteries and even the original box too! *Complete with headphones in very good shape for there age. Bottom half of the box is torn and plastic window has a...