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  1. Sinn 856 S UTC or 857 S UTC

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hi, Looking to buy (no trades) Sinn 856 S UTC or 857 S UTC. Only looking for black PVD version. Will consider both new or used. Box not needed but prefer papers, strap tool. Will be putting on nato so does not matter strap type. Live in FL, USA Please PM with availability Thanks!
  2. The different ways I have Sinned

    My first Sinn: 856s purchased in 2005 A colleague had the stainless steel version on strap. I got the 856s bracelet version. I read one of the early blogs praising the 856s bracelet version as wearing like an old pair of jeans that just gets better with age. I have to agree. Still, when my...
  3. My 856S UTC

    Running errands around town with my lovely wife yesterday and decided to wear my 856 (you know, in case we needed to coordinate our mission in zulu time or something). Purchased this new in 12/2006 and wore it for many years straight before it lost out significant wrist time to my Omega Aqua...
  4. 856 UTC looses time all in a sudden

    Dear all, I have a 856 UTC S that has less than a year (purchased new). Everything has been great - in terms of accuracy - since a couple of weeks ago. The watch has been consistently faster 3/5 secs per day wearing it all day and sitting crown up overnight. I went on holiday for 9 days three...
  5. Tegimented cases are no joke.

    So I squeezed through a closing bathroom door and smacked my 856S against the door handle and the door. When I checked my watch i saw aluminum and wood shavings collected on the case and when I wiped them off there was no damage! I'm very happy having a watch that damages things I bang into...
  6. First Sinn - 856 S

    Hello everyone! This is my first post to this forum! Finally, after pitching Sinn to several of my friends who wanted to wear something a bit less commonplace I finally got my first Sinn during a recent trip to Singapore (the F1 weekend) I already new the model line by heart so did not take...