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  1. Dagaz Aurora, Slate Dial, Miyota 9015 Auto, Bracelet - Doxa homage

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    For sale only - no trades please I'd like to sell my Dagaz Aurora. I bought this on the forum earlier this year, original purchase date was Feb 2017. The watch has been worn in regular rotation and shows the usual signs of wear: Swirles and hairlines on the polished case sides...
  2. Just snagged a DW5600 on eBay (Module 901)

    Casio G-Shock
    As the title says, literally just picked one up on eBay. Now, I've been eyeing this watch for awhile, as I do enjoy squares, and the metal case/screwback really caught my eye. Should be here by Monday, then the real fun begins! In the meantime, does anyone have a good lead on a strap/bezel? I...
  3. Sinn: new or used 6066 > 6090 > 901 > 917

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    The models listed in the title are in preference order, so the 6066 is the "grail"; 6066 > 6090 > 901 > 917. I know this is a bit of a Sinn shotgun blast, but I've become quite frustrated trying to find these watches. Any info helps, please PM me any info, even if it's just contact information...
  4. Project: Reverse-Buzz Swap!!!

    Casio G-Shock
    In Buzz's thread titled, The Hybrid 5600, he swapped a module 1545 into a DW-5600C case. After looking at his thread, I got inspired. And since he didn't post any pics of this particular swap on his thread, I thought that I would post a few of my own. For this swap, I decided to do the opposite...