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    For you consideration a nice vintage 1973 Tudor Snowflake 9411/0 in Blue. Dial: Original blue Tudor snowflake dial (few marks and speckles on the dial) Hands: Original snowflake hands Serial number: 798557 (clearly visible) Model number: 9411/0 (clearly visible) Bracelet: Vintage leather...
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    Hi All, I have been searching for a birth year diver in my budget and have come across a 1976 Tudor 9411/0 that has caught my eye. It is listed for £2500 and is stated to be all original. Could anyone let me know if there are any alarm bells ringing on this one or offer any advice if this is...
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    For your consideration is a Blue Tudor Snowflake 94110 Serial number 971xxx making it one of the last batches of 9411 snowflakes circa 1981. There is a small smudge on the dial to the right of the word Tudor. I was able to get it to come out clear only in the first photo. The scratches are on...
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    This is a beautiful watch: -The case has only minor superficial brush marks that could easily polish out. -Crystal is original and has never been polished (has minor surface skuff, could stand to be done) and is it's original thickness. -The accent pearl as well as all face features are...
  7. Rolex & Tudor
    Hoping I can ask a Tudor question here. I just picked up a Tudor Submariner and the case has 94010. When I opened it up, inside the caseback shows 9411. Should they both be the same?. Any thoughts. Thanks.
1-7 of 7 Results