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  1. High Accuracy Quartz watches
    I bought my Citizen Chronomaster through Katsu Higuchi in Japan in 2007. Subsequently I posted much data here at Watchseek showing how the watch rapidly sped up over time and way out of spec, repeating that bad behavior after going back to Japan for service. Finally Higuchi decided it needed a...
  2. High Accuracy Quartz watches
    Just a report on French Citizen SAV. My Chronomaster has just come back from Citizen SAV here in France after a battery change and 5yr service. The watch was bought by an Israeli in 2008 in Japan, and I bought it second hand from him. The watch had stopped after the announced 5 year battery...
  3. High Accuracy Quartz watches
    I just wrote a small review of the Chronomaster CTQ57-0934 I bought from Tom. Thought you might enjoy to read it. I posted it over in the S&C forum because I think these watches don't get the love and exposure they deserve. Here is the link for your convenience...
  4. Reviews
    Here is the link to my little review of this great timepiece: Enjoy! Till
  5. Seiko
    I recently acquired a wonderful The Citizen Chronomaster, model CTQ57-0934, from forum member a-Tom-ic in a great transaction. Thanks again to Tom! Tom's review and pics are hard to beat so I link to them first of all: My...
  6. High Accuracy Quartz watches
    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been looking at various threads in this forum for a while now while making the decision about whether to buy a Citizen Chronomaster. I don't know whether I should thank you guys or not for the fact that I'm now significantly poorer and with a...
1-6 of 7 Results