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  1. Public Forum
    It's my first time in Zürich and I'm already overwhelmed with the beauty of it, especially the "Alt Stadt" (Old Town). We arrived in the afternoon but still had plenty of time to walk around and discover nice surroundings, buildings, café's, restaurants, shops, and watches! Here's a summary of...
  2. German watches
    Watchuseek is proud to announce a new sponsor: Just Watch Me
  3. 2011
    A.B.ART - Chronograph OC151 timepieces perfectly embody the brand spirit of art pared down to essentials and far removed from ostentatious luxury. The Chronograph OC 151 is no exception to the rule. The white hands and the minute-circle enliven the matt black dial, resulting in an...
  4. News from the Watch Industry
    A.B.ART - Special OA All Black, Limited Edition Founded 20 years ago, is a brand for all those who prefer understated, uncluttered designs reduced to absolute essentials. Inspired by the Bauhaus movement, the Special OA All Black is no exception to this mantra. Shunning any form of...
  5. 2009
    Original and discreet,'s Serie O will captivate both male and female lovers of simple, low-key designs. Indeed, what makes the brand's models so different is the deliberate rejection of anything ostentatious and artificial. The common denominator of all the collections? A refined design...
1-5 of 5 Results