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  1. Fluctuating ETA 2801-2 accuracy

    Public Forum
    I've had my Max Bill with the ETA 2801-2 movement for approx 10 months and the accuracy has always been fluctuating. It seems to either be +2 seconds and less or +8 and more. 20 days ago it was consistently at less than +1 seconds for 10 days, but for the last 10 days it's been at +9. My routine...
  2. 4R 36 accuracy

    I recently bought a used Turtle SRPE07 I've been wearing it almost constantly for about 6 weeks so the honeymoon thrill is starting to ease off a bit. So out of curiosity I started to check it for accuracy. On the wrist it loses 1 second a day. But on Sunday I took it off to give the Pogue some...
  3. Seiko sarb033 accuracy question

    Affordable watches
    Hey all. I'm kinda new around here, but have a question about my Seiko sarb033. I noticed it was running a little strange, so put it on the Hairspring app. When the watch isn't fully charged, the app can't even read its time signature! When it is fully charged, the watch accuracy is all over...
  4. Longines Flagship inaccuracy

    Hello everyone! I just got my first Longines watch which is the Longines Flagship Heritage with the caliber L615 and I noticed that it has been running a bit faster than 15 seconds a day. In their instructions manual, they stated that the majority of Longines watches have a precision between -5...
  5. GD-350 accuracy

    Casio G-Shock
    I bought a GD-350 a few months back to add to my GS collection. I noticed that it seemed to run a bit fast, but it's not until now that I've actually measured it. Against an atomic clock it runs a fraction under +15 secs a month, so only just within spec. All my other (non multi-band) G Shocks...
  6. Accuracy Breitling Avenger II 43mm B13

    Hello, I have bought an Avenger II with the B13 caliber and it's dated from 29th June 2019. the previous owner hasn't worn it often because it was too heavy for him and too thick. After the first day I found it relative accurate, I even thought it was going a bit slower but I'm not sure. Then...
  7. 6r15 amplitude spec?

    I've seen some discussion about low amplitudes in the 6r15 movement. Is there an actual published spec for the amplitude of the movement, out of which it is supposed to be serviced?
  8. Suunto 5 GPS Chipset and it's accuracy

    Hi All, For Suunto 5 there is available bracelet/strap in material steel? Thanks in advance
  9. GPS Chipset in Suunto 5

    Hi All, What kind of Sony GPS chipset built into Suunto 5? What about GPS accuracy of it? Thanks in advance
  10. Seiko sgg713 7n43 quartz with sapphire, 100m

    Seiko watch reviews
    Seiko sgg713 white dial. Lots of pictures out there. So-called a poor man's Grand Seiko. But this post is about accuracy. I like my watch three minutes fast. With other watches I set them three minutes fast, and when it gets to five minutes fast, or slows to just even, then I reset it - maybe...
  11. Spring Drive Power Reserve and Accuracy

    Grand Seiko
    Hi all, Just want to ask if the spring drive accuracy works similarly with normal mechanical watches in relation with power reserves? I noticed that in 2.5 days, my Spring Drive is around 6 seconds faster. I know it's not a lot in the grand scheme of things (which it is in SD), but the PR was...
  12. Homemade Watch Timing Microphone Stand / Timegrapher

    Hey everyone! I would like to share a project that I've been working on for a while. After a few different variations, I think that this is my final design for the time being. Project background: For many in this hobby, applications like Toolwatch are great because they allow you to determine...
  13. Watch Tracker:How accurate is your Mechanical watch.

    Public Forum
    I can appreciate a great movement. In my opinion it is the most important part of your watch! I have been tracking the performance of my small but growing watch collection almost daily.. I have wondered how other watches perform? Models, brands, movements, how accurate is yours? The rules...
  14. The accuracy of your watch and when it becomes an issue to you

    Rolex & Tudor
    I have enjoyed wearing my newly aquired Rolex Explorer II 16570 (2007 Z-serial) for about a month now. It has never been serviced. For the first week, the watch produced an impressive and consistent daily rate of +3 seconds. For the last week however, the daily rate has been between +13 and +15...
  15. Seamaster 2500-D accuracy... Am I being picky? Help!

    Hi there experts, I really need your help. In July last year I bought an Omega SMPc with the 2500-D Co-Axial calibre, an occasion, from a jeweler in Den Bosch (the Netherlands). This was not an AD, but a well-renowned jeweler who also sells Rolex, Breitling, etc. occasions. I received a one-year...
  16. How common is exceptional accuracy in cheapish quartz watches?

    I just bought my third Citizen in mid November. It is a BM7170-53l. I set the correct time and the date at +1 when I got it so I wouldn't have to touch it in over 3 months. Currently it's around -1.5s during three months and I'm super impressed. My other more expensive AT4004-53E is not nearly...
  17. Longines: About the accuracy - Share your rates!

    I'm interested of the accuracy and performance of Longines watches. The reason why I started tihis thread is that I own Longines watch (Hydroconquest) and I'm curious to know how it performs when compering it to the other Longines watches. It also helps identify if there is something wrong in...
  18. Mechanical accuracy?

    I am looking to buy my first Sinn watch, either an EZM 13 or a 103 Ti IFR. I was reading a review (Hodinkee) that a Sinn watch was gaining over 1 minute per week. Is this what I can expect from most mechanical watches? My $400 Citizen Promaster Eco Drive loses about 1 minute every 6 months. I...
  19. Seiko vs Citizen Automatics

    Hey guys. I'm trying to decide between the following two watches: Seiko SARB033 (6R15C Movement) Citizen Grand Classic NB0040-58E (Caliber 9011 Movement) I can't post links just yet but they are both available on Amazon. Basically, I'm looking for the most accurate automatic watch that a...
  20. ---==Time Wars, Episode 2: Swiss vs. Japanese vs. Chinese vs. Russian==---

    Public Forum
    Fellow WIS, The results are in, and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Click here for a refresher on my motivation & methodology (and last year’s results) if interested, but this time I'll jump straight into the sample updates & rankings/scores. SAMPLE UPDATES Following your suggestions after my...