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  1. Accutron, Bulova, and Caravelle
    I just scored this for a song at a local auction and haven't been able to get my hands on it yet. Does anyone have any idea what it is? I can't find an example that has the same combination of logos, indexes, hands etc. Sorry for the brutal picture - blame the guy selling it! Thanks!
  2. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hi all, I'm looking for these three specific vintage Accutron bracelets: Stainless yellow dot turtle coffin link bracelet Spaceview T lozenge style bracelet Integrated bracelet for Spaceview T double cushion Thanks!
  3. Accutron, Bulova, and Caravelle
    Hi all, Just sharing my recent acquisitions, 3 new-to-me Spaceviews. I'm pretty thrilled. I just need to track down the correct bracelet for the double cushion, the one pictured is a CompuChron braclet, though it looks pretty good.
  4. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi all, I recently bought a 1977 Bulova Accutron 2192.10 and it's almost working fine. I'm hoping to find out if this is a common / simple issue. The watch hums and all the hands move until just short of 11:40pm. Then the minute and hour hand are frozen in place and the seconds hand continues...
  5. Accutron, Bulova, and Caravelle
    So I know Bulova was an American company back then, based in New York. It seems Max Hetzel was Swiss and started in Biel, but then moved to New York. When the movements actually went into production, were they made in America? Were the cases, hands etc. made in America too?
  6. Accutron, Bulova, and Caravelle
    Newly acquired watch! Don't know much about this piece. Any info would be greatly appreciated đź‘Ť
  7. Public Forum
    I will start by saying that I'm not in the immediate market for a new watch. I constantly waffle back and forth between "F*** it, let's go buy another watch" to "But my watches are great!" so god knows where this train of thought will end up. However, after seeing the new Hodinkee ad I can't...
  8. Accutron, Bulova, and Caravelle
    I have a vintage '65 Accutron movement 218 that needs servicing, new battery doesn't run..I know there are a few guys out there in the interwebs but seem to have mixed reviews? Anybody have a postive experience with someone? thanks, David
  9. Accutron, Bulova, and Caravelle
    To any and all- I sent my 1966 family Accutron case and backing (no movement, thankfully) to Bob Piker for a crystal replacement July 21, with $65. He received the box and promptly cashed the check on July 27. He has stated in our email chain that he's replaced the crystal and mailed the...
  10. Accutron, Bulova, and Caravelle
    I've gone a bit strap crazy recently, buying many straps for all my unbraceleted watches. For the first of what will be a series of posts, here's what I came up with for my gold filled Accutron Space View with 18 mm lugs Pink and green NATO from Cheapest NATO Straps - $4.95 This is the most...
  11. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    This watch is like new, but has no box or papers. It's a 2019 model, as indicated by B9 on the case back. This line is crazy thin and really accurate. I believe the movement is derived from the Precisionist and Accutron II movements. This example is pretty much flawless, and very stealthy, but I...
  12. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    WTB A Bulova Accutron II Surveyor - Ref 96B213. It can be used as long as there isn't any major damage or defects. Band doesn't have to be as pictured. I have an address that the watch can be shipped to in the US, if it cannot be shipped to Canada.
  13. Public Forum
    During the late 1950s, the human race developed a taste for building huge, powerful, rockets, and launching them into outer space. Exciting stuff, for sure, but made much more exciting, when on April 12 1961, Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was strapped into one of these rockets, and...
  14. Accutron, Bulova, and Caravelle
    Hi everyone, I came across this Bulova Astronaut M6 at a garage sale a few years back. It doesn't get much wrist time and in researching it to sell I have been unable to come across another Astronaut that has the Accuton logo AND the written Bulova text on the clasp. I've seen them with either...
  15. Watches - Dealers and Manufacturers
    I've traded services with a fellow watchmaker, had him fix my Speedmaster for free and he asked me if I could list some of his watches to help fund his wedding. Him being my mentor I said yes on the spot. All the watches I'll be posting over the next few days are his and were serviced within the...
  16. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Looking for either of these, preferably the Omega (Chronometer certified if possible), in working and fairly good cosmetic condition for a reasonable price. Please do let me know, thanks WUS!
  17. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    BULOVA ACCUTRON II 262 kHz MILITARY FIELD WATCH I am the original owner of this increasingly hard to find watch. It was purchased by me from a watch kiosk at Glendale Galleria in November 2018, and has been lightly worn since then. Cosmetic condition is excellent with no visible issues...
  18. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    1970 (N0) Bulova Accutron. This has a 10K rolled gold back, and an 18K Heavy gold plated bezel. The movement is a 2182 Discussion thread about this watch: The watch is in great shape and...
  19. Accutron, Bulova, and Caravelle
    Hi there, I bought a Bulova Accutron II Surveyor (Green dial) when I first started watch collecting going back a few years now. I really love the watch, despite the battery not lasting longer than 2.5 years... The original leather is looking a bit tired now, and I'm trying to figure out what...
  20. WTT - Trade Corner
    Up for grabs today is the infamous Bulova Accutron Spaceview. If you know it you know it. Bought less than a month ago from a Georgia watch dealer that specializes in space views. Simply put, it doesn't get enough wrist time and I will miss the perfect sweep of the seconds hand but I want to...
1-20 of 166 Results