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  1. My new passion/hobby or call it whatever :)

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    Hello watch community :) Let me introduce my humble collection of affordable and very affordable watches. It is my second post here, so I am still learning how to make a thread look nice, specially with this many pictures (hope it will not look as a big mess). So, here I go. The first one is my...
  2. Affordables: The Gateway Watch

    Affordable watches
    When I joined WUS in 2012 I remember my stomach dropping at the thought of even shelling out more than $100 for a watch. Then I bought the SARB cocktail time, and a host of other affordables. Two years later, my salary hasn't changed and yet I'm not even flinching at the notion of dropping $700...
  3. How do you stop buying these beauties?

    Affordable watches
    And running out of money is not an acceptable answer!! After my one and only watch - a Seiko Kinetic Autorelay - started having problems after 10 years, I thought to myself, why have only one watch? I stumbled onto WUS and the rest is history. From 1 watch to having 6 in the mail to me as i...
  4. How Many Friends Have You Converted to WISdom?

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    This past Christmas, one of my friends who I have been talking shop with got a pristine, white dialed Tissot PRC-200. At first I thought that he had gotten the black dial version, but he actually got the same one I had when I first showed him my watch. I suppose imitation is the most sincere...