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  1. Early Watch Ads / Images in Books and Mags

    Image Gallery
    Hope this is OK to post these here. I looked with search and couldn't find anything in this image area related to the same thing. Or does a Mod think would these be better in the individual watch company areas? Can we also discuss a little in this area? Anyway, I have been trying to do a clean...
  2. Vintage Rolex Ad Found for $1

    Rolex & Tudor
    So I was at my local consignment/antique shop and there was a stack of old travel brochures and pamphlets for $1 each. Among them, I found one from the prestigious Hotel Sacher in Vienna,Austria. To my delight inside I found this ad shown above featuring a stunning Date-Just. I couldn't find a...
  3. Curious Soviet era watch advertising postcards

    Russian watches
    Searching for some Russian watch information on the net, I came across this site which shows some curious watch advertising postcards for Poljot, Slava, Raketa and Chaika watches. The advertising idea is pretty hideous but curious nonetheless. Does anyone know of other examples? Here is the...
  4. Envy comes reality, Ball Ads. awesome!

    Ball Forum
    Months before I bought my Aviator, I've always envy this ads at the mall here. After owning the Aviator, proud feelin' just runs into me! Especially everytime I passes through the AD shop. "Accuracy is everything, when you're first in flight". Wow, the pic in the ads suites well! Hows the...
  5. Interesting

    Hey guys, I thought you might find this interesting. I just received my latest Watchtime and they have an article on the top 25 watch advertisers in the U.S. ($million) 1. Rolex 47.10 2. Breitling 27.07 3. Tag Heuer 24.73 4. Citizen 19.85 5. Movodo 15.87 6. Cartier 15.04 7. Seiko 11.02 8...