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    Does anyone know if going through the airport metal detector and or the X-ray machine magnetizes the watch movement ? I'm hesitant to take my mechanicals on trips due to this concern. Thanks for the info.
  2. Public Forum
    When I fly I usually wear an inexpensive, practical watch because I don't want to worry about something bad happening to an valuable wrist watch. I don't want to worry about an expensive watch getting clipped by an airplane's food cart rolling by. I don't want to worry about something happening...
  3. Geneva Time Exhibition
    VOGARD is pleased to inform you about a new model which is destined to pilots and aviation fans alike. It will be unveiled at the GTE Geneva Time Exhibition 2013. Designed with Licensed Pilots in mind, this model changes the rules. The new extra large bezel is engraved with the official IATA...
  4. Public Forum
    VOGARD has reached its 3rd milestone with the DATEZONER PILOT a watch that sets a new benchmark for world timers by combining date, time zone and chronograph functions. The date is set via the bezel and is synchronised with every city on the bezel. Eventually, it always displays the right date...
  5. IWC
    Airport Eelde, 1 april 2012 - At Groningen Airport Eelde a legendary Spitfire landed around noon today. The airplane of the Royal Air Force was built in 1944 and came from England to support the special launch of the IWC Pilot's Watch collection 2012. A little more than 20,000 Spitfires were...
  6. TAG Heuer
    hi all, first of all: happy xmas! secondly: going to Bali in january with a transfer in hongkong. promised myself a tag heuer carrera this year so now i'm wondering if hong kong airport would be a cheaper option to get one then here in Amsterdam. anyone familiair with the prices on hongkong...
1-6 of 6 Results