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  1. Public Forum
    The Manufactory Boutique by "Alexander Shorokhoff" is online From now, the manufactory boutique of "Alexander Shorokhoff" is online with an exclusive collection of Vintage watches. For preparing this range of watches the manufacturer has reprocessed exclusively mechanical movements, which...
  2. Affordable watches
    I don't think I've seen this one on the forums before, and some may say that makes sense. :D It's a bit of an acquired taste I admit, but I found this at the Amsterdam Waterloo Square fleamarket for $10 and I couldn't resist. It came on a stainless bracelet but I didn't like the look so I put it...
  3. News from the Watch Industry
    For more information please visit Alexander Shorokhoff: Start page
  4. Vintage & Pocket watches
    I have this cute watch shaped like an actual die, that seems to be a key wind. I think the key is with it, but I don't know how it operates. It has a semi-circle bar with a little key that unscrews which removes the bar. It acn also be unscrewed from the top of the watch, leaving a hole in the...
1-4 of 16 Results